Own label printing works

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Own label printing works

We have our own high-tech own label printing works and can produce numerous types of labels. Based on our experience s supplier of labels and labelling equipment we know in detail which requirements the labels have to comply with in order to function well - visually as well as technically.

This ensures you a label of first quality, whicht will stick firmlly to the product, which can withstand moisture, frost and dust and which will preserve colours and high-qualty print.

All types of labels from one single supplier
We produce all types of labels, we have however with a certain expertise within labels for thermo- og thermo-transfer print, which are used in large measure in the food industry and retail business.

We can print up to 8 colours at a time, including gold and silver, and supply you with multi-coloured sales labels as well as neutral, white labels for box- and pallet-labelling.

Avoid production downtime and achieve lower maintenance costs
Our technical insight in labelling equipment enables us to produce labels with a coating, which functions seamlessly and reduces the wear and tear on the thermal head of the labelling equipment. In that way you avoid expensive production downtime and at the same time you ensure max. life of the thermal head, which therefore not needs to be replaced as frequently.

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