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Bergfalk & Co is at the forefront of regulatory requirements for traceability on fish. The company currently operates an efficient system that records all required tracking data and links it to the fish being weighed, packaged and shipped to customers.

At the forefront of regulatory requirements for traceability on fish

". Everything is registered accurately – we can always see which delivery has gone to which customer. So we are prepared and can now automatically send all required tracking data to the Swedish fishing authorities"

Logistics manager David Bramskog, Bergfalk & Co

Production optimisation
Bergfalk & Co has grown rapidly in the last 6 years, leading to a number of challenges in production. Logistics manager David Bramskog explains: “We needed to improve efficiency and gain a better structure in our fish production processes. We only sell a few whole fish – most fish we filet and refine ourselves. This means that 100 items of whole fish grow to approx. 2500 item numbers in total. It's a lot of item numbers to process".

Bergfalk & Co had previously managed batch numbers for fish using a pen and paper, which proved challenging with so many numbers. And when the Swedish fishing authorities (Hav & Vatten) introduced new regulations on fish traceability and demanding extended labels on fish, Bergfalk & Co decided to invest in a new system that could handle traceability labels and control batch numbers effectively and securily.

Integration with Pyramid
“After having researched several possible suppliers in the market, we chose to invest in four packing stations from Scanvaegt Systems for our fish packing facility. Each station consists of a PlusFlex software system, a set of table scales with an indicator, a pt9000 industry computer and an Intermec label printer in a waterproof cabinet, ” Bramskog explains.

Via PlusFlex, all the packing stations integrate with Bergfalk’s administration system, Pyramid. While the operator is doing a packing job, he can transfer the customer order from Pyramid to the PlusFlex system. The operator then begins to pack the order. All customer data, orders, article numbers and tracking data are saved in PlusFlex, which sends the data back to the Pyramid system. This ensures a clear, fast overview of the status of dispatched orders.

Automatic tracking registration
Today Bergfalk & Co also has an effective way of managing fish tracking labels: “We recently launched a new KPK package (consumer package), which we label for shops with barcodes, weight, catch zone, catch equipment and all the required data. And this works well too. Everything is registered accurately – we can always see which delivery has gone to which customer. So we are prepared and can now automatically send all required tracking data to the Swedish fishing authorities (Hav & Vatten),” Bramskog explains.

Experience with system integration
When asked about the reason for choosing Scanvaegt Systems as the supplier, Bramskog says, “we wanted a solution that could fully integrate with our Pyramid system, which Scanvaegt’s PlusFlex system was able to do. Scanvaegt Systems also has extensive experience of setting up integration with administrative systems. We also use other Scanvaegt systems in our meat production and know them as a supplier”.

Scanvaegt system works well
The benefit of the PlusFlex system is the user-friendly operator interface, which can be adapted and simplified and made easy to operate. “We adjusted the screen image so that the buttons match our work tasks. This means that the operator doesn’t have a lot of buttons to press. So our packing operators are satisfied and think the packing stations work really well,” says Bramskog.

Supplier of quality products
Bergfalk & Co was founded by Anders Gustaf Bergfalk in 1840 and is a wholesaler that supplies fish, shellfish, poultry, meat, game, mushrooms, berries and cheese to restaurants, shops, catering facilities, cafés and hotels. Anders Gustaf Bergfalk originally worked as a carriage postilion, and on his routine trips between Gothenburg and Stockholm he began selling delicacy foods, such as oysters and lobsters from the west coast. Since then the company has grown to a turnover of ½ billion in 2016 and currently employs around 100 people.

Bergfalk & Co is certified with MSC and ASC, and sets high standards for the products it sells, prioritising quality, organics and animal welfare when selecting new products. The product range includes Swedish and foreign quality products. A large part of the product range comprises fish, meat and poultry, which Bergfalk & Co cuts, filets and refines itself in modern HACCP-certified premises.

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