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When Kallholmen’s Maltbrewery started production in Skellefteå in Sweden, two years ago, they applied the labels manually to the bottles. 2 persons could manage to apply labels to app.200 bottles per hour. Then the company decided to invest in an automatic labelling system from Scanvaegt – now one person alone can label app.1,000 bottles per hour!

Labelling system increases capacity from 200 to 1,000 bottles per hour.

"The Scanvaegt system handles the entire job in one go – printing and applying main label as well as collar label on the bottles. It has increased our productivity and at the same time reduced the requirement for manpower"

Per Lundmark, Owner

The man behind the micro-brewery is Per Lundmark. He got interested in the new trend with micro-brewery, so when he found suitable premises near the port in Skellefteå in northern Sweden, Per Lundmark decided to start-up his own micro-brewery in 2011.

The previous year Per Lundmark had got acquainted with Czech brewing-engineer Josef Kryst, who later became a mentor for the new micro-brewery. This meant, that Per Lundmark invested in an original Czech brewery-system to Kallholmen’s Maltbrewery, where they now brew several beer types based on true Czech brewing-techniques. Kallholmen’s beer i sold via the ”Systembolaget” and in a number of restaurants in Sweden.

Big success right from the beginning
Since the beginning in 2011 Kallholmen’s has increased sales and volumen – in just two years the production was doubled to 200,000 bottles. So the job applying labels manually to the bottles quickly became a problem in keeping up with the demand. Consequently it was necessary to automate the work – and to handle that job Per Lundmark found the right solution at Scanvaegt.

He explains; ”Scanvaegt had the perfect solution for automatic application of the labels – collar labels as well as main labels – including the printing of best-before-date on the labels. The Scanvaegt-system handles the entire task in one go – printing and applying – which was important to us in order to increase the productivity”.

Printing and applying 2 labels
Scanvaegt’s labelling system prints and applies the collar label as well as the main label on 33 cl and 50 cl bottles.The system consists of a label dispenser for main labels with a width of 200 mm, a label dispenser for the collar label with a width of 100 mm, a thermo-transfer printer for printing the best-before-date on the main label, a separator to ensure uniform adjustment of the distance between the bottles, a wrapping station and a accumulation section for the labelled bottles.

The labelling system first prints the best-before-date on the main label, which then is applied to the bottle. Now the collar label is applied and then the bottles is guided to the wrapping station, where both labels are pressed firmly on to the bottle. Finally the bottles are guided to the accumulation section.

Using the Scanvaegt labelling system has enabled Kallholmen’s Maltbrewery to increase the capacity from 200 bottles per hour to 1,000-1,200 bottles per hour!

And at the same time they have been able to reduce the number of operators from two persons to one.

Very satisfied with solution as well as supplier
Kallholmen’s Maltbrewery has used the labelling system since December 2012 and according to Per Lundmark it has performed very well.

He elaborates; ”We have been very satisfied with the labelling system – when it had been installed, we actually expected some kind of problems with the running-in, but ever since day 1 the system has just been performing well – with neither problems nor worries. And the cooperation with Scanvaegt as supplier has also worked fine, so all in all we’re very satisfied”, Per Lundmark concludes with a smile.

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