Scanvaegt Systems designs and supply systems for inspection and control of numerous criteria, e.g weight, volume, contaminants, label contents, label placement and barcode. In case the product does not comply with the demands, the inspection system will reject it and in this way contribute to higher food safty and product quality


The Scanvaegt inspection systems checks if the product's content and visual appearance comply with the pre-defined criteria and reject the product if this is not the case.
The inspection systems handle fresh, frozen, wet and dry products, packed in trays, bags, cans, boxes etc


Scanvaegt's extensive range of reliable and flexible checkweighers are reliable weight control system, which help you eliminate products with overweight or underweight and also ensure that the products comply with the directives for e-labelling.

The checkweighers can also control filling processes and perform metal detection jobs.

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Metal detectors

The metal detectors have a high detection precision and will eliminate metal contaminated products.

The metal detectorers handle several product types, e.g. liquids, sauces, mash, pulp, powders, granulates and small tablets and pills, making them perfect for inspection jobs in the food industry, the textile industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

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Vision control systems

The vision control systems inspects the product packages for numerous physical parameters and rejects them, if they do not comply with the pre-defined requirements.

The system can check e.g. the barcode readability, the label position, the package's dimensions, the texts and prices ont he label and several other critical parameters.

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X-Ray systems

The X-ray systems make up a very efficient control, which identify and rejects products, containing contaminant  made by metal, glas, bone, plastic, ruber and other materials.

The X-ray system can also check for other product quality parameters, e.g. missing items, total package weighing or weighing by zones, malformed or broken products.

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