Scanvaegt Systems is a ”solution provider” of complete lines for labelling retail products, boxes and pallets. Our labelling lines comprise hardware as well as it-systems and equipment for wireless data-capture. Further functions, e.g. check weighing, quality and vision control, metal detection, x-ray inspection and batching may also be integrated into the labelling line.


Our product range covers a wide field, enabling us to design flexible solutions, customized specifically to your production. Using a Scanvaegt-solution you can apply labels on retail products, boxes as well as pallets and at the same time you'll be able to create smoother production flows and achieve higher efficiency.

Automatic weighing & labelling

Automatic systems for dynamical weighing, printing and applying labels on products.

The systems can apply the label on top of the product, on the side side and/or on the underside or across three sides of the product (C-label).

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Automatic labelling

Automatic systems for print and application of labels on products.

The label may be applied on top of the product, on the top and underside at the same time, on one or two vertical sides of the product or across three sides of the product. The systems can also apply labels around cylindrical products.

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Automatic box labelling

Sturdy labelling systems for automatic print and application of labels on boxes, trays, crates, bags etc. The label can be placed on the front, side or top.

The labelling systems may also incorporate functions for barcode check, weight control, visual inspection, control of order data and sealing label.

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Automatic pallet labelling

Automatic pallet labelling systems, which print and apply EAN128-labels onto two sides of the completed pallet and subsequently inspects the barcode quality.

The systems may be integrated into existing palletizing lines.

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Label printers

Robust industrial label printers for print of sales labels, ID-labels, sticker labels, box labels and pallet labels.

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