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Growth continues for Scanvaegt Systems with new ambitious management team

Growth continues for Scanvaegt Systems with new ambitious management team

On 1 May 2017, Scanvaegt Systems will have a new management team
After 46 years in the Group, CEO Per Bødtkjer is bidding farewell and handing over a consolidated and growth-oriented company to Jan Elgaard, who will take over as the new CEO with Jan Deding as Executive Vice President.

Market leader with high growth curve
Scanvaegt Systems was founded in 1932 and is a market leader in the 4 market segments the company operates in: The food industry, environment sector, industry and retail. The new management team and board have big ambitions for Scanvaegt Systems, as Jan Elgaard explains: “Every year our growth rate needs to be in the double figures, and in 2017 we have already begun to invest significantly in profitable growth. We want to develop our strong market position in Northern Europe, as well as improve in some of our new markets where we see major growth potential. First on the agenda is a thorough analysis of our markets, segments, and opportunities. Based on this information we will prepare specific growth plans. The potential is enormous.”

New markets and product areas
In the recent years Scanvaegt Systems have penetrated new markets, such as Poland and Germany, and developed new product areas. This is a direction the company wants to focus on, and the management team has both the will and the desire to offer customers even greater value and good business.

“Some of the values that Scanvaegt Systems adds to e.g. the food industry, include process optimization, higher quality and reduced give-away, which means the return on investment is often achieved in just 6-9 months. Another example is the environment sector, where we sell recycling management solutions that result in significant savings for customers and ensure that professional users of recycling stations pay the right price for dumping. Here too the return on investment is short,” says Deding.

More highly specialized employees
“Our highly specialized employees are the key to our success. One example is our specialized service departments, which service and support customers in a large number of countries and where employee numbers are set to rise in the near future, thanks to our expected growth. We need to attract more new employees in the many areas we operate in, such as engineers and software developers for our development departments. New types of skills will also come into play,” adds Elgaard.

Competent management team
Jan Elgaard and Jan Deding were former colleagues at Scanvaegt International and both went on to pursue management roles in other international companies. Elgaard has been a member of Scanvaegt’s board since the end of 2016 and Deding has been part of the Scanvaegt management team since the end of 2015. The two new senior managers will work closely together with the rest of the company’s management team.