Our Guidelines for the Situation of COVID-19

We have created clear guidelines for how we work during the COVID-19 situation. We hope they will answer your possible questions about how do we follow the required precautionary measures in connection with meetings, delivery of equipment and service visits at your company. We are striving to maintain high level standards of hygiene and protect both, your employees and health and well-being of our own employees.

We protect everybody’s well-being

The employees are the company’s most valuable resource

At Scanvaegt, it is business as usual- we work normally, but follow the authorities’ guidelines and have reorganized work, thus that some can work from home, whilst other are present at the company’s premises.

We are still reachable by telephone, e-mail and available for video meetings to assist you – it applies for sales, services as well as online support.

Our service technicians take all precautionary measures into an account to minimize the risk of transmission during service visits and disinfect themselves before and after a service visit. We agree with you on a time that suits the best for the visit of your company. We inform the service technicians about the location of the machinery, so they do not have to contact your employees without a particular need.

We are still available for meetings and service visits

We are and will be ready to serve you at each new or existing task

We use a line of digital IT tools to carry out video meetings, online support, software support and other services.

We have a larger extern workforce, which our IT-systems are designed to be able to support. Our IT systems have the required security and protection of personal data, and our IT policies ensure data protection.

We are an international company

Continuous support for your company

We are an international organization with employees, who are still ready to assist you under the corona crisis- both, digitally and on-site.

Our sales and service team do not take on unnecessary trips, yet can still maintain collaboration with you, deliver equipment and provide service to your company, whilst we comply with the advice of the national authorities in all countries.

Feel welcome to contact us should you have questions.

Take care of yourself and your employees. We thank for your continuous support and are ready to assist you in future.