Arla distribuerer effektivt 100.000 tons varer
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Arla distributes 100,000 t products the easy way

Every year Arla's Export terminal in Vejle, Denmark, receives and re-distributes 100,000 t export products by means of a Scanvaegt solution with fixed vehicle computers, handheld computers and wireless network.

This way Arla distributes 100,000 t products - fast and efficiently

Arla Export terminal in Vejle receives and re-distributes export products from 12-14 dairies in Denmark. To handle so large quantities requires a really fine-tuned management from receipt and registration of the products, throught stock control to picking, packing and despatch.

This precise management is handled by a Scanvaegt solution with fixed mobile computers, mounted on trucks, and handheld computers, communicating via wireless network.

A huge product flow 

When Arla in october 2006 moved to the new export terminal in Vejle the stock capacity was increased from 6,000 m2 to 19,000 m2. It was highly needed as the company handles the total export from 12-14 dairies to Germany, Norway and Finland.

Operations manager Jonny Rønnow Christoffersen explains; ”Every week we receive 350-400 trucks which have to be unloaded and reloaded again. Here at the export terminal we have now 17 gates, which are used for reception and despatch respectively, so we have a huge flow of products, that have to be registered into stock and re-distributed – annually we handle app. 100,000 t dairy products. For that job we use an integrated Scanvaegt solution, consisting of app. 20 Intermec fixed truck computers, 12 handheld computers and wireless network”.

  • T goods a year


  • Large product flow
  • 350 - 400 trucks every day
  • The low temperature in the warehouse
  • Warehouse workers with mixed nationalities
  • Receives 100,000 tons of products


  • Register the product flow
  • Integrated solution that communicates via a wireless network
  • All data is accessible and gathered in a manageable way
  • Robust and user-friendly hand-held terminals


  • Structured product flow
  • Easily understandable for all employees
  • Improved overview
  • Increased logistics management

4,500 pallets per week

Every week the export terminal receives more than 4,500 pallets, which all are scanned into stock with the Intermec CK31 handheld computer. The scanned data – item no., expiration date, batch no., weight - are transferred from the handheld computer via the wireless network to Arla's stock system, SattStore, where the further disposition is done.

Every single pallet is applied a control label and is placed in stock – some of them in picking stock, other in whole pallet stock. The picking stock handles 250,000 packages every week!

Most of the warehouse trucks are equipped with a Intermec CV60 fixed vehicle computer. From SattStore the packing orders are transferred wirelessly to the vehicle computers, where they are displayed on the screen with info about consignee, item no., location, despatch date etc., enabling the truck driver to start the packing job right away.

Quick and easy operations 

If the packing order consists of whole pallets with just one item no., the truck driver easily gets the right pallet in the stock, then he scans the control label and brings the pallets to the despatch area, where it's labelled with EAN128 barcodes and loaded on-to the truck.

If the order instead consists of different item numbers, then the truck operator picks-up the various pallets with the products on the various locations in the picking stock and brings them to the packing department, where the products are packed and labelled, before they're loaded onto the truck.

The packing order is reported clear via the wireless network and can then be invoiced.

  • Packages pr. week
We are quite happy with the Intermec products, which are very sturdy and can withstand the use in our cold warehouse, where the temperature is close to zero
Jonny Rønnow Christoffersen Operations Manager

A userfriendly and reliable solution 

”We have 2-shift operation four days a week and have to be ”up and running” the whole time in order to handle the huge product flow. We are quite happy with the Intermec products, which are very sturdy and can withstand the use in our cold warehouse, where the temperature is 2-4oC,” Jonny Christoffersen explains and continues; ”Usability has also high priority here – we have app. 50 employees in the warehouse and many of them are Germans and Poles, who do not speak Danish. Therefore the equipment has to be userfriendly, which Intermec's CV60 vehicle computer truly is - it has a big touch-screen with clear information and simple functions, making it very easy for our foreign workers to get the job done”.

Jonny Christoffersen works continuousloy on improving operations and is planning to upgrade all fixed vehicle computers to the version with graphical user-interface, making the usability even better.

About the cooperation with Scanvaegt Jonny Christoffersen says; ”It's also important for us to have competent providers, who not only supply functional hardware solutions but also are able to provide the essential service and support, in case of emergency. And we have a very good cooperation with Scanvaegt's sales staff as well as their service technicians and supporters".

  • 100.000 t goods every year
  • 350-400 trucks every week
  • Stock capacity: 19000 m2
  • 4500 pallet every week

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