Solutions for better earnings in processing and packaging

We invite you to InterPack 2023 in Düsseldorf, where we'll be presenting dedicated solutions for automating packaging and labelling processes in the food industry. The solutions optimise production management, increase product quality and reduce manual work, which will contribute to improved earnings.

WORLD PREMIERE: Presenting the new Scanvaegt SB520 ScanBatcher

We’re very proud to introduce our brand-new SB520 ScanBatcher - the multi-purpose solution, capable of handling several applications, including tolerance batching, minimum batching and sizing. Featuring the new enhanced software and next-level design, the SB520 is an high-precision, reliable solution, that reduces give-away to an absolute minimum and delivers maximum yield of raw materials.  

In addition to this, the SB520 is also a cost-effective, sustainable solution when having to replace an existing batcher, e.g. the Scanvaegt 7100 or 4700. Instead of replacing the whole line, only the batching machine is replaced while the old separator and infeed is kept in operation - this will reduce the cost of investment significantly.

ScanPlant NG MES: improving production processes and increasing earnings

ScanPlant NG is a manufacturing execution system that monitors production development and creates transparency everywhere - from productivity and inventory development to yield and give-away in real time. It ensures that even small deviations in the individual processes are detected quickly, so that you can intervene in time, reduce give-aways and prevent large losses.

Higher profitability on the packaging line with the Scanvaegt ABWL System

Scanvaegt ABWL system weighs and labels the boxes and checks at the same time that both the weight content and the information on the label are correct, that the EC label is correctly positioned and that the bar code is legible. In case of errors or deviations from the specifications, the box is automatically rejected.

The payback time for the ABWL system is often less than a year, as the automation can save working time equivalent to one full-time position per steps in the various packaging processes.

Scanvaegt SC520 – Fast, reliable process checkweigher

The Scanvaegt SC520 is the robust checkweigher for internal weight control of unpackaged products in the wet food industry. The automatic system dynamically weighs and checks all products with high precision and high speed and can be used for internal e-weighing before the packaging process takes place, as well as for controlling filling processes.

Scanvaegt SC505 Checkweigher – protecting your brand

The Scanvaegt SC505 is a new low-cost, but high-quality checkweigher for the inspection of packaged products in dry packing environments. It ensures that all the products comply with the requirements for weight, e-marking and quality by rejecting faulty packages with incorrect weight content or metal contamination. In this way, the SC505 ensures correct product quality and protects the company's reputation.

Marelec portioning solutions: Minimal give-away - maximum yield

Marelec's portioning system automatically cuts meat, fish and poultry into portions with precise weight and size. It reduces give-away to an absolute minimum – and thus increases yield and profit. The combination of higher yield and saving in working time means that you can increase earnings and at the same time reduce labor costs.

Visit us at stand# E54 in Hall 4

– we’re looking forward to meeting you and learning about your production.