ScanCut 225 Portion Cutter

Product news - Scanvaegt ScanCut 225

Superior portion cutting

With a cutting frequency of up to 2 times 2,170 strokes per minute the new ScanCut 225 PortionCutter is the ultimate, high-speed cutting machine for production of precise, fixed weight portions of fresh, boneless fsh,
poultry and meats – and for optimizing capacity and yield. 

Smart features

  • High yield and low give-away
  • Minimum cutting loss
  • Flexible cutting angles
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean
  • Maximum product control
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Advanced technology results in unbeaten accuracy 

Incorporating a high-resolution 250 Hz camera, advanced servo-technology, precise laser system and the advanced software-system for calculating the product density and converting the product data to cutting specs, the ScanCut 225 is capable of handling cutting jobs with unprecedented speeds and precision.

Several cutting applications 

ScanCut 225 has a wide range of software applications, tailored to cutting fish, poultry or meat in the most optimum way. Once the product has been scanned, the computer instantly calculates how to cut the product and the machine starts cutting the product into pieces, which all remains precisely within the specifications.


More information

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