Loma IQ3+ Pharma

Loma IQ3+ Pharma

Metal detektor for the pharmaceutical industry

The Loma IQ+ Pharmaceutical Metal Detector provides class leading in-line metal detection for the Pharmaceutical Industry and assists them in meeting the requirements of demanding consumers and stringent legislation.

The Loma IQ+ Pharmaceutical Metal Detector is suitable for all sorts of pills. The entire unit is designed on the principle of integral hardware, which means that there are no loose parts and no tools are required for dismantling.

The unit has a full graphical touch screen and is manufactured from stainless steel throughout to provide a hygienic, easily cleaned inspection environment.
All product contact parts are made from high grade plastic and mirrored stainless steel to give easy cleaning and no cross contamination.

The compact unit takes up minimum system length and can be located before or after the de-duster. The gas strut allows the unit to be easily adjusted to any tablet press and the angle of the product chute can be adjusted by a quick release clamp.

The Loma IQ+ pharmaceutiial metal detection system has a unique Automatic Product Learn system. The metal detector can be automatically calibrated - even under production conditions when the product is constantly flowing through the detecto

Smart features

  • Compact: Installed easily and quickly after the de-duster or tablet press
  • Safe: The failsafe reject mechanism ensures precise rejection of contaminated product
  • Sensitive: Advanced signal processing provides unsurpassed levels of detection
  • Hygienic: Product contact parts can be quickly dismantled and cleaned
  • Reliable: Robust design ensures long, reliable performance on the line

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Loma IQ3+ Pharma


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