The Scanvaegt PlusFlex Label Designer is a user-friendly system for managing product data and label design.

PlusFlex Label Designer IT-system

Managing product data and texts, barcodes and label-design

The PlusFlex Label Designer is a user-friendly system for managing product data and label design.

Using the advanced Label Designer function it's easy to setup the with texts in single lines or in text blocks, and with graphics and logos. Creating barcodes, e.g. according to the GS1 standard, and inserting lines and frames is also fast and simple.

All common barcodes like EAN13, ITF14, GS1 Databar, GS1 128, 2D, QR and Data-matrix can be applied with the Label Designer. The QR-code can for instance incorporate a specific URL per product, guiding the consumer - via an app on the smart phone - to the producer's website to see e.g. recipes.

When working with text blocks the Label Designer can automatically wordwrap the texts to the actual design. It is also possible to use a separately formatted text block with an optional font, irrespective of the label printer applied. Words can be formatted individuelly as bold, italic or underlined. Using the field ”Formatted text” it is possible to alter the spacing between letters/characters and lines.

Unlike many other labelling systems, PlusFlex Office is capable of displaying preview of the label of the selected product, with all data from the product database - naturally in full WYSIWYG.

It is possible to work with compound data in a text block, which has the advantage that data from several texts can be utilised in the samme text field. This is particularly useful when all text information is to be printed irrespective of the selected product.

In PlusFlex Office several label designs may be opened under individual tabs, making it easy to copy fields from one design to another


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