PlusFlex Box Control IT-system

Automatic identification, weighing, labelling and registration of boxes

The PlusFlex Box Control System handles a number of jobs in the automatic production lines, e.g.  identification, inspection, registration and labelling boxes.

The system is installed as a central packing line after one or more production lines. From the various production lines the boxes arrive in random order and are led into the central packing line and the PlusFlex Box Control System, where they are identified by means of e.g. an ID-number in 2D barcode, a RF-tag or as a linenumber-transfer from prior controls.

Based on that information the system now loads the product number from the database and performs a weight control and checks that the box contains correct quantity. At the same time the system registers the box into the stock, which is increased.

If the box passes all controls, it will be labelled on the front or side. Everything is carried out automatically.

The PlusFlex Box Control System handles these function automatically:

  • Identification of product on the line
  • Checking the number of products inside the box, based on weight and/or registraton of actual weight
  • Application of seling label on the side of the box
  • Print and application of product label on the box (position of label and number of labels is stored in the system)
  • Inspection of labels applied and readabilty of barcode after application
  • Can be combined with metal detection
  • Reject of boxes, not complied with the requirements
  • Stock supply
  • Yield calculation on products sold as fixed weight products. This means that the actual weight is registered and compared to the sales weight of the product. This makes it possible to generate a report, showing the give-away percentage.

Option: summation of weight per box, boxes for subsequent palletizing and print of pallet labels.


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PlusFlex Box Control