Portioning machines

Scanvaegt Systems designs and markets a variety of solutions for portioning that will help you to optimise capacity and production yield.

We sell automatic weighing systems for grading and batching, portion cutters for automatic cutting of fresh fish, poultry and meat into fixed weight portions as well as multihead weighers for automatic portion weighing of all types of food.

The food portioning equipment is designed for easy integration into existing production lines and the robust materials and cleaning-friendly design make them especially suitable for harsh environments.

Advanced technology

Our portion control equipment use the very latest hardware and software technology. The result is superior accuracy, optimum raw material usage giving a very attractive return on investment. Our experienced developers have achieved the ultimate machinery by combining the best from all new technologies and then maximized the performance.

Sturdy and hygienic design

Our portioning machines have a very sturdy, yet simple design with smooth surfaces which minimizes the risk of residue sticking inside the machine. The design makes them easy to clean, and provides excellent hygienic opportunities as required in the food industry.

Strong service and support team

We have a broad selection of equipment used for portion control and whether you need a stand-alone product or a complete turnkey system, you get a solution that is designed to work perfectly, year after year. But even the best solutions need service and maintenance. That’s why we provide extensive service and support facilities to our customers.

The complete business partner

While the global world provides plenty of growth opportunities for ambitious companies, there are also challenges in the form of requirements and restrictions from both the EU and local authorities, and competition from countries with lower production costs. By working with Scanvaegt Systems, you gain a partner who will strengthen your business with both its technology and knowledge.