Multihead weighers for the food industry

Scanvaegt offers automatic multihead weighers for the portioning of all product types. This dispensing system is characterized by high weighing speeds, low give-away and great durability and will maintain high productivity and product quality in production.

The multihead weighers are designed to weigh and handle any product, gently and effectively. This also applies to difficult products such as wet, greasy/sticky and fragile food products.

Some foods such as herring fillets are notorious for their stickiness when they are to be handled in the industry, but Bilwinco multihead weighers have a special design with effective vibrator channels, which ensure stable feeding of all products, including difficult and sticky products. It increases the out-put quality and productivity of the packing line.

A multihead weigher is typically used for these types of tasks in the industry:

Filling bags

It is possible to weigh and portion products for bags in a variety of sizes and weights.

Combination weighing

Products consisting of up to eight different components can be mixed at high speed and with precision on a multihead weigher. For example, müesli where nut, grain and other ingredients are mixed together.

Placing in trays

Here, products that are to be placed in trays are weighed and fed - in an effective way without splattering.

Sticky products

Some products are notorious for their stickiness, but the vibration frequency, amplitude and curve can be set to match the product. This means that even very problematic products can be handled.

Granules and powders

Granules such as coffee and loose tea can be weighed easily and efficiently

Fragile products

By using advanced vibration technology, an automatic multihead weigher can handle these products very gently and efficiently.

Advantages of Bilwinco Multihead weighers:

  • Less give-away - direct weighing method ensures 20-30% less give-away compared to conventional multihead weighers
  • Higher, constant production of difficult products by using Linear Drive vibration*, which maintains high productivity and product quality
  • The market’s lowest "Cost Of Ownership" (COO)

Wide range of portioning solutions

Scanvaegt Systems’ solutions for portioning include multihead weighers, grading systems, hopper scales and dosing systems. The solutions can portion/dose both individual products and a continual flow of products. The portioning is completed with a high degree of accuracy and ensures maximum yield of raw materials. Our extensive product range enables us to supply the right solution for our many customers in the food industry. Find more information about our portioning machines.