Bilwinco Compact Revolution ensures higher speeds, smaller footprint and better performance.
Bilwinco Compact Revolution ensures high speed weighing at unbeatable accuracy

Bilwinco Compact Revolution Multihead Weigher

High-speed multihead-weighing featuring 24/32 weighing heads

The series of the new compact revolution multihead scale ensures higher speeds, smaller footprint and better performance.

An overall compact design with new advanced self-tuning vibratory pans control ensures high speed weighing at unbeatable accuracy. The new control operates with higher resolution and 3 times faster processing speed.

Smooth and accurate product flow to the double gate buckets at low drop heights, are just a few reasons why the Bilwinco multihead weighers do so well, offering the most powerful vibration technology and ensuring fast and accurate dosing 24-7.

Easy operation

The Revolution Compact Series comes with the largest Touch Screen HMI on the market for Multihead Scales. Size matters. The user-friendly 15" Screen features OEE readings (Operating Equipment Efficiency), Statistical data, Help and Trouble Shooting Menus and much more.

The HMI is cased in a smooth and easy to clean stainless steel IP65 frame. A very nice optional feature is the operatortime-saving camera, making it possible to survey the top of the multihead from floor level – and from there even direct the cam and zoom in if required.

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Smart features

  • The only multihead scale on market offering such reliable concept!
  • Lowest on market, just a fact.
  • Gasket free direct weighing with 25% less giveaway versus traditional multihead weighers.

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Bilwinco Compact Revolution


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