Portion cutters – higher speed, superior precision, greater yield

With cutting frequencies up to two times 2,170 strokes per minute, ScanCut 225 is the ultimate, high-speed portion cutter for cutting fresh fish and poultry.

The portion cutter machine cuts the products into portions of precise fixed weight and helps to reduce waste and maintain a high yield percentage. The extremely high cutting frequency of up to 2,170 strokes per lane per minute is achieved by the finely tuned system which consists of a 250Hz camera with high resolution, the most accurate servo controls and the fastest processors. This, combined with the advanced software, results in an unprecedented level of cutting precision and speed. It reduces give-away and optimizes the yield significantly. 

Dedicated meat portioning machine

The new ScanCut SC300 is a high-speed Portion Cutter, designed specifically for cutting fresh, boneless meat products or whole round fish into high-value portions with precise fixed weight and/or fixed sizes. The high accuracy of the SC300 reduces give-away, while ensuring a high yield percentage.

Portion cutters with user friendly MMI

ScanCut 225 is operated by way of the large 15.6", user-friendly multi-touch screen, which guides the operator through the sequences in an easy way. It is very easy to set up new, or change existing, applications; the operator is guided through all the sequences and just needs to enter the values ​​and specifications into the displayed fields for the new product.

When an application is set up with a new product, the entered specifications are recalculated and displayed in a 3D preview of the actual product with indication of the yield of the product with the selected cutting pattern.

The system also has a simulation function which, based on past historical production data, helps the operator to set the optimal cutting pattern.

Market-leading provider

Scanvaegt Systems A/S is a Danish-owned company that was established in 1932. We develop, produce and sell, portion cutters, weighing systems, labelling solutions and inspection equipment as well as related IT systems and tracking solutions.

The “real” Norfo portion cutter

The first portion cutter machine was originally designed by the company Norfo, later Scanvaegt, which is where the developers of the new ScanCut Portion Cutter gained their technical experience and insight. Since then, the developers have maintained their marketleading position as producer of the world wide reknown PortionCutter, that we know today.

The complete partner

We provide comprehensive service and support services for portioning machines and other production equipment in the form of preventive maintenance agreements, training and instruction, installation, spare parts, hotline support, software service and verification to our customers throughout the country.