The new ScanCut 225S Portion Cutter has a cutting frequency of up to 2,170 strokes per minute
ScanCut 225S Portion Cutter Single-lane produces precise, fixed-weight portions of fresh fish, poultry and meat
The chicken portion cutter reduces give-away and maintains a high yield-percentage.
ScanCut 225S Portion Cutter Single-lane can easily be fit into a complex production line.
The high speed and extreme precision of the ScanCut 225S Portion Cutter Single-lane is a result of a complex system
ScanCut 225S Portion Cutter Single-lane has a wide range of software applications

ScanCut 225S Portion Cutter Single-lane

Precise, compact portion cutter for fish, poultry and meats

The new ScanCut 225S Portion Cutter has a cutting frequency of up to 2,170 strokes per minute and produces precise, fixed-weight portions of fresh fish, poultry and meat, while reducing give-away and maintaining a high yield-percentage.
It is designed specifically for cutting both poultry, pork and fish. and can easily be fit into a complex production line.

Advanced technology results in unbeaten accuracy 

The high speed and extreme precision of the ScanCut 225S is a result of a complex system which has been trimmed to perfection.
Our experienced developers have achieved the ultimate machine by combining the best from all new technologies and then maximized the performance.
Incorporating a high-resolution 250 Hz camera, advanced servo-technology, precise laser system and the advanced software-system for calculating the product density and converting the product data to cutting specs, the ScanCut is capable of handling cutting jobs with unprecedented speeds and precision.

Several cutting applications 

ScanCut 225 has a wide range of software applications, tailored to portion cut fish, poultry or meat in the most optimum way. Once the product has been scanned, the computer instantly calculates how to cut the product and the machine starts cutting the product into pieces, which all remains precisely within the specifications.

Userfriendly MMI 

The ScanCut is operated by the large 15,6”, userfriendly MMI multi touch screen, which guides the operator through the sequences. The system also features a simulation function, which – based on previous historical production data –assists the operator in setting up the optimum cutting pattern.

Portion cutter with intelligent knife design

The knife is mounted into a knife-ring that revolves in a 360 degree circle, every time it strikes. At the point of cutting there is a small gap in between the two belts, where the knife can pass through. The knife cuts with incredible high speed, which causes minimum impact on the product. Furthermore, the knife, made of hardened steel, is extremely thin and slighty curved, which prevents the product from sliding on the belt, ensuring clean cuts.

Minimum cutting loss

Cutting fresh product without loss is difficult. But the design of the ScanCut portion cutter has brought the loss down to an absolute minimum. The combination of the extremely small diameter of the turning roller, the narrow gap between the two belt, the 1½ mm thin knife and the high cutting speed reduces the cutting loss considerably and prevents at the same time build-up of residue in the machine.

Maximum product control

Performing precise cutting of fresh products at high speed preconditions holding the product firm and stabile, when the knife strikes. This is possible with the product holders of the ScanCut 225, which have a completely new design, providing maximum control of the products. Not only do the product holders hold the products – they also convey them forward at a speed, which is synchronized with the speed of the conveyor belts and the knife. The holding of the products is done without pressing them out of shape as this would interfere with the computer calculations. This ensures the highest precision and cutting quality.

Flexible cutting angles

The knife-ring of the ScanCut 225S has an innovative design, which allows for easy and fast adjustment of the cutting angle. The knife-ring can be adjusted in up to four variable angles - e.g. 45, 60, 75 and 90 degrees. These angles can be predefined, eliminating any further manual adjustment of the knife-ring. This feature ensures that the knife always is set in the precise angle and makes it easy to change the angle from one to another.

Automatic belt adjustment

At the point of cutting, there is a small gap in between the two conveyor belts, where the knife passes through. When changing the angle of the knife, the distance between the belts must be adjusted accordingly. This is done semi-automatically by the ScanCut 225 portion cutter, which eliminates the need for manual adjustment and ensures correct distance between the belts.

Sturdy and hygienic design

The ScanCut 225S has a very sturdy, yet simple design with smooth surfaces which minimizes the risk of residue sticking inside the machine. The solid servo-motors are enclosed in hermetically sealed cabinets in an IP65 environment. The motor being water-cooled eliminates the requirement for unhygienic air-cooling tubes inside the machine.
All metal-surfaces with direct/indirect contact with the products are produced in stainless steel AISI 303 / 304. All plastic parts are approved for food contact.

Effective Cleaning

It is very simple to prepare the ScanCut 225S for cleaning as the entire cabinet is top-hinged and can be tipped upwards, allowing free access to the inside of the machine. The open construction conveyor provides complete access, all belts and knives can be removed with very little effort and the conveyor plates below the belt can be tipped up into vertical position.
This grants total access to all parts, allowing the interior of the machine to be thoroughly hosed down. The design effectively leads all water and residue to drain down to the bottom of the machine and out through a hole, onto the floor or into a drain.

Safety first

During the cutting process there is no access to the knives – the machine will shut-down and stop immediately, if the machine is opened. Three stop buttons are placed in easily accessible positions on both sides of the machine, in case of emergency.

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Smart features

  • High-Speed: up to 2 times 2,170 strokes per minute
  • High yield and low give-away
  • Fast payback
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean
  • User-friendly touch-screen
  • Build to last

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ScanCut 225S PortionCutter Single-lane


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