ScanCut SC300 Portion Cutter for meat - a high-speed meat slicing system
Scanvaegt ScanCut_SC300_Portion-Cutter-for-cutting high-value portions with precise fixed weight and/or fixed sizes
Scanvaegt ScanCut SC300 3D-laserscanning beef
Scanvaegt ScanCut SC300 3D-cutting pattern for striploin
ScanCut SC300 Portion Cutter - easy access for cleaning

ScanCut SC300 Portion Cutter

Cutting large boneless meat products and whole round fish

ScanCut SC300 is a new high-speed Portion Cutter, designed specifically for cutting fresh, boneless meat products into high-value portions with precise fixed weight and/or fixed sizes. The high accuracy of the SC300 reduces give-away, while ensuring a high yield percentage.

Precise portion weight and size

The SC300 is a dedicated meat portioning machine with a design, that easily handles large beef and pork products – e.g. ribeye, striploin, top sirloin half–cap, tenderloin, pork loin, neck, shoulder - as well as whole round fish, e.g. salmon. Using 3D-scanning, the portion cutter cuts portions with fixed weight and/or length, while increasing product yield and reducing cutting loss.

Optimising product yield

Fitted with not just one, but three high-resolution cameras, the SC300 laser scans the meat and produces a complete 3D-vision of the dimensions of the meat. Based on this scan, the software-system calculates the most precise cutting patterns, ensuring the highest yield of the individual meat product.

High speed and high productivity

ScanCut SC300 has a cutting frequency of up to 1,500 strokes per minute, making this portion control meat slicer capable of handling cutting jobs with unprecedented speeds. This will improve the productivity and through-put of the processing line.

Keeping up high hygienic standards

The robust construction with smooth surfaces minimizes the risk of residue sticking inside the machine. The open construction with the top-hinged cabinet allows easy access from both sides of the machine for thorough cleaning, which will ensure a high hygienic standard.

Consistent cutting precision

The knife is easy to adjust in five fixed cutting angles - 90°, 75°, 60°, 52° and 45° - which eliminate manual adjustment. The knife always is set in the exact angle, which – together with the solid 2 mm knife-blade - ensures consistent cutting precision.

Maximum product control

The product holders of the SC300 have an innovative design, which holds the product firm and stabile, when the knife strikes - without pressing them out of shape as this would interfere with the computer calculations. This ensures the highest precision and cutting quality.

Userfriendly operations

The large 15,6”, userfriendly MMI touch screen guides the operator through all sequences. When setting up an application with a new product, the MMI will display a 3D-preview of the actual product for the operator, presenting the yield of the cutting pattern of the product. A simulation function also assists the operator in setting up the optimum cutting pattern.

Dedicated machine for simple products

The ScanCut 300 portion cutter is also available in a version for cutting less complex products, e.g. flank steaks and flatfish. This portioning machine is equipped with one high-resolution camera/laser system and an advanced software-system, which converts the product data to precise cutting specs, ensuring high yield percentage. 

Smart Features

  • Precise portions with 3D laser scanning
  • Reduced cutting loss
  • Consistent cutting quality
  • Up to 1,500 strokes/minute
  • High hygienic standards
  • Userfriendly, visual operations

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ScanCut SC300 Portion Cutter


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