Scanvaegt Portioning Solutions

Optimises the result and strengthens your competitiveness

Our portioning solutions for cutting and sorting meat, fish and poultry into precise portions increase yields and minimize give-away - this will improve your profits.

Higher yield

The precise scanning and cutting of the portion cutter ensures that all cuts has the exact weight - with minimal cutting loss. 
In the same way, the graders weigh and sort the individual products to exact portion weight - with minimal give-away.

Increased productivity

The portioning solutions operate at high throughput and high speeds. Along with automating a variety of tasks throughout the process, saving work hours, the solution will optimize efficiency and create higher productivity in the production.

Better reliability

Both cutters and graders are robust "Proven Solutions", based on decades of experience in developing products for the food industry. This ensures the machines high uptime and creates high reliability in your production.

Improved competitiveness

The high cutting and sorting precision of the machines will increase the yield of your raw materials. At the same time, the machines' high reliability keep your production up-and-running at low cost so you can deliver just-in-time. It will strengthen your competitiveness.

Optimum hygiene standard

All portion cutters and graders have an easy-to-clean design, allowing you to meet the most stringent hygiene standards. An open design without corners or horizontal surfaces where dirt could built-up ensures thorough cleaning and efficient disinfection.

Fast ROI

An investment in one of our portioning solutions has a short payback time and will quickly make its money back – typically witin 5-8 months. 

The benefit of higher yields combined with  savings in working hours means that you can both increase earnings as well as reduce labor costs. It contributes to bigger profits on the bottom line.

Longer uptime

We can also offer you a ScanCare service agreement with preventative maintenance which can eliminate production shutdown, create stable operations and increase the uptime of your production. It protects your earning power and - ultimately - your profits.

Let’s put it to the test…

Contact us for more info – then, we'll make a calculation, showing  how much you can gain/save and how fast you’ll break-even and start making a better profit.  

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Your benefits

  • Reduced give-away
  • Higher yield + 2%
  • Lower labor costs
  • Expected pay-back: 6-9 months
  • Bigger through-put
  • Increased productivity
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Scanvaegt Portioning Solutions


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