Scanvaegt SP520 Compact Sizer + is a fast, accurate and robust sizing solution
Scanvaegt’s SP520 Compact Sizer + is the ideal solution for weight-sizing jobs
Scanvaegt SP520 Compact Sizer + handles efficiently grading of products weighing

Scanvaegt SP520 Compact Sizer+

For sizing jobs with buffer option

Scanvaegt SP520 Compact Sizer is a fast, accurate and robust sizing solution that dynamically weighs and sizes products with speeds of up to 130 items per minute. The SP520 Compact Sizer concept is available in three standard configurations that accommodate different production needs from sizing to simple batching jobs.

The most accurate weighing in a compact solution

Featuring a robust and reliable design that can withstand use in harsh production environments, Scanvaegt’s SP520 Compact Sizer is the ideal solution for weight-sizing jobs at speeds of up to 130 items per min. It ensures maximum utilization of raw materials and handling of packaging of bulk products in wet production environments. Coupled with a robust design and a state-of-the-art HMI, the SP520 Compact Sizer represents a powerful solution for providing accurate
product weight sizing. Its compact design and flexible configuration possibilities makes it easy to integrate Scanvaegt SP520 Compact Sizer in existing production lines.

Modular design

This solution has been designed to accommodate various customer requirements. It comes in three different standard configuration levels:

  • SP520 Compact Sizer
  • SP520 Compact Sizer+
  • SP520 Compact Sizer++

As the process weigher and separator are two individual units, you are assured the same high accuracy and capacity as provided in Scanvaegt’s top range of Design Graders.

SP520 Compact Sizer+

This solution gives possibilities for a manual buffer functionality with collection of bulk products in a bin while the operator changes the vemag trolley, Euro containers or other collection units while still running production. This functionality is perfect when sizing products in smaller units and provides optimized uptime.
The SP520 Compact Sizer solution consists as a basis of:

  • SP520 Process Weigher, W275 mm
  • SP5220 Separator with 3 x 2 catch arms CC475 mm
  • 6 reject bins with manual gates

Flexible configuration

There is a variety of additional optional configurations available for the three standard models:

  • Infeed accelerator belts in 500, 1,000 or 1,500 mm length
  • Box-holders*
  • Reject bins with manual gates and push buttons*
  • Number of catch arms (2-6)
  • Water spray and scraper (for sticky products)
  • PlusFlex Production Management SW
  • Reject bin 0 only available for + and ++ solutions

Optimal durability

The design of the process weigher, featuring a slack belt system, provides fast and accurate weighing even in harsh production conditions. A hermetically sealed load cell in stainless steel based on parallelogram construction (patent pending), combined with overload protection and an anti shock system, ensures maximum uptime. There are three years guarantee on all weighing cells. The conveyor belt is driven by a strong and hard-wearing drum motor that can withstand use in the food processing industry.

Open, easy-to-clean design

SP520 Compact Sizer features an open design with sloping lines and surfaces and round pipe profiles. This makes it easy to clean the machine thoroughly and prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

User-friendly Human-Machine Interface

SP520 Compact Sizer features a large 15” touch-screen with intuitive menus guiding the operator through asking sequences using simple commands and ensuring quick, easy and error-free operation. The simple navigation structure, clear graphics and easy product setup reduce the time required at product shifts. The SP520 Compact Sizer’s software system provides complete overview and precise production monitoring using statistics and graphs, fast product setup and the possibility of optimizing production.

Efficient management and optimization

PlusFlex Production Management (optional) is a software application for reporting, monitoring in real time of one or more machines as well as database management and product setups.

Smart features

  • Unbeaten accuracy
  • Modular configuratin
  • Hygienic design
  • Userfriendly HMI

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Scanvaegt SP520 Grader+


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