Scanvaegt pt9000 MK4 production terminal

Powerful production management

The Scanvaegt pt9000 mk4 is a high-speed, powerful and user-friendly industrial computer with an 18.5” touch screen, clear graphics and precision touch function. This makes it an effective tool for handling a number of different tasks in production environments, such as production management, stock management, order packing, dispatch, data collection and monitoring.

The pt9000 mk4 has a high-speed Intel 10th Gen CPU, providing high processing power, and is Windows11-certified. Despite this, the terminal still uses minimal energy and won’t overheat, which makes it an eco-friendly and reliable solution.

The terminal comes with Windows 10 IoT and has many potential applications. Together with the high-speed processor, 8GB RAM, 128 GB SSD hard drive and 6 USB ports, this makes the pt9000 an effective and flexible process terminal.

User-friendly and compact 

The terminal’s large 18.5” screen has a clear, high-resolution graphic display. Together with a precision touch function, this makes it quick and easy to operate. The cabinet is designed with a convenient servicing hatch, providing quick access for technical maintenance.

The compact terminal takes up minimal space and can be mounted on a wall or table, either using Scanvaegt’s stainless steel brackets or standard VESA100 installation accessories.

Robust design 

The Scanvaegt pt9000 mk4 has an reliable industrial design with a water-tight IP66-rated steel cabinet, meaning it can withstand use in all industrial environments as well as thorough cleaning.

Strong features

  • High-speed Intel 10th Gen CPU
  • 18.5” touch widescreen
  • Low energy use
  • Minimal heat generation
  • Compact design
  • Windows 11-certified
pt9000 MK4_UK.png

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