Scanvaegt overhead track scale series 4300 is designed specifically for use in abattoirs for weighing products hanging from a track.

Scanvaegt 4300 Overhead track scale

Robust overhead track scale for dynamic weighing

Scanvaegt series 4300 is an automatic-dynamic overhead track scale with a motor-driven chain drive, which handles 1000-1100 weighings/hour. It is designed for use in abattoirs for weighing products hanging from a overhead track  and has a special weighing technology for swinging loads, which compensates for the product's possible movement, enabling the scale can to weigh precisely at the same time.

The overhead track scale is available with a weighing capacity of 300 kg/100 g, 600 kg/200 and 1,000 kg/500 g and is easily installed in existing conveyor systems and weighs accurately and reliably for both manual and automatic weighing.

Smart features

  • Construction in warm-galvanized steel
  • 2 loadcells
  • IP67-waterproof
  • Type-approval in the EU

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Scanvaegt 4300