Portioning and sizing of salmon fillets with high capacity and perfect accuracy
Portioning and sizing salmon filets affords perfectly accurate production of fish fillets into multiple portion sizes
Portioning and sizing salmon filets is designed to cut fresh boneless fish fillets

Portioning and sizing salmon fillets

High capacity and perfect accuracy when portioning salmon fillets for the retail and catering industries


This solution is designed for the fish industry, particularly for portioning salmon and other types of fish fillet.

Customer profile

The system is suitable for fish processing plants that produce retail fixed weight portion packages.


Suitable for high capacity production of fish portions, e.g. salmon portions, where high yield utilizations is the number one priority. This system affords perfectly accurate production of fish fillets into multiple portion sizes. When portioning large fish fillets, it is important to be able to select the middle of the portions for each fixed weight tray (either individual pieces or rows of pieces), and use head and tail portions for other pack sizes.

Product application

A Dual lane 520 Process Weigher is placed in front of the ScanCut1DAP PortionCutter. The weighing unit gives a weight input to the portion cutter in order to calculate the exact density of each individual whole fillet before the cutting process begins. The purpose of this is to maintain weight accuracy even if the density of the raw material varies. Density can vary because of differences in things such as the fat percentage in larger fillets. The relative amount of tissue (e.g. fat content) of different densities can change significantly over a short period of time e.g. due to water temperature, size of fish, availability of food, nutrition and the developmental status of the fish. By combining weighing and scanning results the portion cutter is able provide a very high yield utilization of the raw material.
After the cutting, the different cuts are sorted in fixed weight portions (e.g. 125g) that go directly to the packing machine. Trim, tail and head portions are individually sort via the Dual Speed-drop sorter.

Scope of delivery

  • Scanvaegt SP520D Process Weigher
  • Scanvaegt ScanCut 1DAP PortionCutter
  • Scanvaegt SpeedDrop 225D

System description

The system is designed to cut fresh boneless fish fillets into portions using a Scanvaegt ScanCut 1DAP PortionCutter, Dual Speed-drop and Dual SP520 Process Weigher.

The system offers high capacity and perfect fish fillet cut accuracy. Using a Dual SP520 Process Weigher to give input to the ScanCut 1DAP PortionCutter prior to cutting makes the final portions even more accurate. The weighing data, used in conjunction with the scanning results, makes it possible to adjust for raw material density.

 The line is also available in single lane version with SP520 Process Weigher, ScanCut 1 and SpeedDrop225S.


  • High yield and low give-away
  • Fast payback
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Easy to operate

Capacity and performance

  • Capacity input 30 salmon fillets/min/lane
  • Capacity output Up to 216 pieces/min/lane
  • Yield expectancy Up to 95-100%

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