Marelec Cube Cutting Line

Complete system with Strip Separator

Cutting cubes and separating strips to reduce labor

Cutting cubes from chicken fillets adds a lot of value to your products. The cubes are the basis for various meals all around the world. It is essential to control the weight and shape of the cubes when producing fixed-weight packs for retail or food service. In order to be profitable, cubes must be cut at high volumes with minimum labor and maximum efficiency.

The development of the strip separator was the right step for MARELEC due to the increasing worldwide demand for cutting cubes. Cutting cubes with a MARELEC cube cutting line first involves a portion cutter that cuts strips from a fillet.

The strips are then singluated and alligned by the Strip Separator. Operators check for default and perform a quality check.

In third stage, the second portion cutter cuts fixed-weight cubes. The strip separator enhances the efficiency of the entire line. It reduces labor reduction and increases of throughput. Furthermore, it increases yield with a better-looking end-product because the strips are almost perfectly aligned. This alone makes it a worthy investment.

The first dual-lane PORTIO 1DAP will scan and cut the fillets into strips on both lanes. The intelligence of the first portion cutter ensures that the front and back trims are kept to a minimum. Depending on the size and shape of the raw material, the portion cutter will calculate where to make cuts to create the best-looking strips. Flattening the chicken fillets prior to cutting the strips will help to create a better looking strip. One benefit is that it increases the efficiency of the strip separator which means less work for the operators. 

The second PORTIO 1DAP is placed at 90° so the individual strips have the right orientation and cuts the strips into fixed-weight cubes. This portion cutter also uses its intelligence to cut at the highest yield possible.

With a constant and efficient infeed of the fillets, you will be surprised by how many ton per hour you can produce.


  • Reduced labor
  • Optimized yield
  • Small footprint
  • Multi-purpose configuration
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple and proven solution
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Marelec Cube Cutting Line

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