Weighbridge systems

Complete weighing solutions and
IT-systems for weighing of vehicles,
including managing, controlling,
reporting and data processing

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Industry solutions

We supply total concepts
incorporating labelling,
weighing, inspection and
process control
to all industries

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A world of colours

In our own label printing works,
we design and produce all kinds of labels – with special expertise in labels for thermo and thermo-transfer print

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Our service organization

- is made up by a large team of
75 competent technicians and specialists ready to provide optimum assistance to your company

Our service activities
Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Solutions for labelling, weighing, inspection and traceability



Systems for weighing, control and registration of vehicles

Service & Support

Service & Support

Maintenance, repair, online support, calibration & verification



Design and print of quality labels for all purposes

Product News


Massive processing power, extremely fast weight registration, 99 product programmes, web interface for online setup, triple weighing-range, integrated alibi function, IP67…

This makes the SV10 a fast, versatile og reliable weight indicator for handling jobs like check weighing, portioning to exact target weight and +/-weighing.

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The modular, scaleable it-system handles weighings on weighbridges and all related jobs, e.g.:

  • Identification & registration
  • Barrier and traffic lights
  • Wireless re-classification
  • Reporting to authorities
  • Facility-management
  • Data-transfer to ERP
  • Price management
  • Payment
  • Traceability
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- with the new Linear Drive vibration technology, which ensures efficient and gentle handling of all product types, even wet, sticky and/or fragile foodstuffs . 

This will reduce give-away as well as increase productivity and throughput in the packing line.

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The sturdy Scanvaegt 7800 concrete weighbridge can be installed in just one day!

It comes as a pre-assembled construction with pre-fitted components, enabling a quick, easy installation and ensuring reliable and fast weighing operations of heavy vehicles.  

Available in dimensions of up to W 5 m and L 40 m!

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