Meet the employees of Scanvaegt Systems

Here you can meet a handful of our employees, get to know more about their work and what it is like to be a part of Scanvaegt Systems.

Geirr Franang

Geirr is our Norwegian specialist when it comes to weighbridges and wheel loader scales.

Geirr has been a Scanvaegt Systems employee since 2017 and takes care of several areas of business in Norway.

The list of his expertise is quite extensive but bear with us: Geirr works closely together with his customers to design and provide heavy-duty solutions for weighing, registering, data-collection and control for customers within environment, recycling, stone, granite chips, gravel, asphalt, entrepreneurs, energy and raw materials.
The solutions are complete solutions which also incorporate  related oftware solutions .

His main objective is to ease the workload while at the same time increase profit margins for his customers, that are situated in  the areas from Vestfold, following the coast to Bergen where he shares Trøndelag, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

Geirr cares deeply about satisfying customers, and the best days at the Norwegian Scanvaegt office is when he gets to do exactly that. “I enjoy having daily contact with customers and having the possibility to provide  solutions and services that optimizes their work processes and helps them achiving their business goals .”

In addition to enjoying  the cooperation with his customers,  Geirr has a passion for the software solutions Scanvaegt Systems offer customers. “I take great interest in contributing to the development of IT-systems and the software applications, which are designed specifically to handle jobs in the individual industries.”

Geirrs favorite thing about wearing the Scanvaegt Systems badge is the diversity he is offered. “Scanvaegt Systems is a very versatile company. I meet a varied amount of challenges within a long list of different industries when I’m working.”

Brian Dahl

Brian has the function as an Application Specialist in the development department where his task, among other things, is to set up requirement specifications on new products in cooperation with the sales and development departments, conduct quality control and testing, verify that hardware and software are compatible as well as support sales and development. Brian is also responsible for support for Scanvaegt’s own developed automatic weighing products.

Brian began his career at Scanvaegt Systems in 2002 as a mobile service technician, attached to the Holstebro division.  After ten years, he moved to the Support department at the head office where, for a number of years as Support Manager, he has provided support to many customers in Denmark and in Scanvaegt’s subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Poland. He is constantly surprised about how different the markets are even though, geographically, they are very close to each other. For example, in Sweden the food process production is far more automated compared to the rest of the Scandinavian countries.

It requires flexibility and willingness to adapt to hold a position like Brian’s. But he thrives being in a work situation where no two days are the same and where he never quite knows what the day will bring.

Brian is motivated to a great extent by solving technical challenges for the customer - even though it sometimes can mean long work days. He explains: “We supporters are very aware that for the customer, every minute of downtime is equal to extra costs. Therefore, it is extremely satisfying to solve problems quickly which also perhaps helps the customer to optimise a work process. The customer contact itself is also rewarding and the sense of community you create when you work together to solve technical challenges. So your work is not just about machines - but just as much about human relations that make a difference”

Brian thinks it is exciting with the new development he constantly experiences with the customers, who take steps to automate processes all the time. It is the knowledge of these tendencies that Brian, in his job as Application Specialist, contributes when requirement specifications for new products are set up.

About his job at Scanvaegt, Brian says: “It is great to work in a company where there are good opportunities for personal development. As long as you grab the opportunities that come your way - then there is willingness in the organisation to give the employees new areas of responsibility”.

Mikael Færch Thomsen

Mikael is Team Lead in the SW department that develops ScanX.NET software, which is a modern, intuitive and scalable IT system for the registration and administration of data from weighbridges. Mikael’s job is split into two areas. There is the actual Team Lead function of leading a team of SW developers and choosing which tasks need to be prioritised. This also involves participating in product development meetings with Sales where the Product Road Map for the coming year is determined. The development of ScanX.NET is extremely market-driven, where input from sales consultants, technicians and customers is of great importance in defining the future road map. It is also Mikael’s responsibility that error corrections to and requirements for improvements are implemented, which is managed through Jira.

The second part of Mikael’s job is actual coding. Mikael says: “I simply love coding - it is a huge motivation factor for me; to be able to create things and to make them work. To write code has been a permanent part of my life for the past 30 years”. Therefore, it is important for Mikael to also retain that part of the job - and fortunately, there is plenty of opportunity for that.
Mikael enjoys having both aspects of software development as a part of his job. He says: “It is exciting to get a slightly larger picture of the market and greater insight into a customer’s production and also be a part of the decision on which direction the software development should take".

Mikael’s day starts most often with a brief breakfast meeting with the department where progress in the various products is followed up on, responsibility is allocated and if Mikael has new knowledge from the customers and the market, this will be shared with the department. Mikael states: “It is a super way to start the day and it works well that all of us in the department are harmonised on the status of the tasks”.