Meet the employees of Scanvaegt Systems

Tobias Lundfald

Tobias Lundfald is Embedded Software Developer in the Scanvaegt R&D software team where he since October 2012 has worked with design,  development and implementations of our software solutions.

Tobias started his career in Scanvaegt in the software division for our weighbridge solutions, taking part in the development of a big-scale application using a high-level programming language. From there he was enrolled in our embedded software division to assist in the completion of the menu system for one of the Scanvaegt scale indicators.

He then became part of the R&D team, who worked on designing a brand-new checkweigher and dynamic weighing machine – software as well as hardware. For Tobias it was super interesting taking part from the very beginning developing a complete solution.

Tobias explains; “Having direct influence on decisions and finding solutions together with the R&D team is one the of best things about working at Scanvaegt. The flat organizational structure and the informal tone together with the close teamwork with other departments like mechanical development, support and the production makes my job very varied, which I enjoy”.

Tobias’ job comprises a wide range of areas – the headlines being development with specification design and implementation, maintenance including troubleshooting and update with requested features, and also task management.

Designing embedded software to control/manage dynamic weighing machines poses certain challenges because the weighing process must be precise, fast, reliable and on-time.

Tobias explains; “The software must coordinate weighing the products in-motion across the weighing conveyor, while at the same time filtering off noise from conveyor belts, engines etc. Furthermore the software must manage algorithms for deciding the allocation of the product after weighing and the dispatch of the product to containers or other conveyor belts”.

Analysing complicated issues, finding the best solutions and designing software that makes a difference for the customers is what makes the day for Tobias who says; “When you - after having been analyzing, excluding and trying things out - finally have things fall into place in a development phase or you find the source of an error that has been acting up for a long time, that’s simply so neat”.

Ronni Jensen

If we have a challenging installation involving graders or inspection equipment at a customer abroad, Ronni Jensen is the right guy to handle the job.

Ronni Jensen is one of our very skillful service engineers with close to 20 years of experience, installing and maintaining our dedicated solutions for the food industry. He joined the ScanCare Service Team in 2001 and will be celebrating his anniversary in November.

Ronni started out as an allround service technician, supporting our customers in the food industry, but has since developed expertise skills within graders and processing equipment. Today he’s responsible for handling major installation jobs at our customers whether it’s in Norway, Canada, Greenland or Poland. And no matter which challenges he’s facing, he’ll get the job done.

In addition to this, Ronni is also our specialist supporter on inspection equipment as metaldetectors and x-ray systems.

Ronni’s one of those robust guys who prefers to have a lot on his to-do list; “I’d rather have 10 urgent jobs than just sit around and wait for work”. He’s getting a kick out of the technical challenges, that he may encounter on an installation job – and takes pride in solving them all one by one. To Ronni, handing over a successful installation is its own reward.

Having up to 140 days ”on the road” is a lot, but Ronni thrives on travelling together with the challenging jobs. Being away on travel also sometimes brings Ronni quite exciting “adventures” – e.g. driving 80 km to-and-from work in Canada with only black bears on the road or emergency landing with a helicopter in Greenland.

Although Ronni often works on his own, he appreciates his skillful colleagues in the service team; “I have some great team-mates whom I always can call and discuss technical problems – even on a Saturday afternoon. They’ll always help finding the right solution”.

”The best part of my job…. ? Besides technical challenges and a very varied work day, it’s having the freedom with responsibility in my job. Nobody is looking over my shoulder to check my work, as long as I get the job done,” Ronni says with a smile.

Sindre Bøe

Scanvaegt has a team of very competent service technicians, supporting our customers in all the Scanvaegt countries - one of them is Sindre Bøe from Team Norway.

Sindre has been with Scanvaegt for 2 years and 6 months.

He’s operating from the Oslo-based service department and supports customers in the southern part of Norway. Here he dedicates his working hours to helping customers with a many different types of service jobs – it can be installation of- and instruction in new machines from Scanvaegt, making sure that the customer gets the maximum benefit out of the new investment.

It can also be preventive maintenance check-ups on existing machines and equipment to ensure high-uptime and minimize the risk of production stops. Sindre naturally also handles emergency repairs if a customer has a machine break-down.

Sindre enjoys his job, especially when he can make a difference for the customers; “A good day at my job is when I can help customers so they can keep their production up-and-running. But I’m also glad when I can help my colleagues if they need a hand,” he explains.

Laila Winther

Scanvaegt Labels is the Scanvaegt group’s very own label printing house with decades of experience.

The Scanvaegt Labels Team produces high quality labels for customers in the retail sector, food industry and other industries. At the printing house in Odense, Denmark, our Production Manager Laila Winther makes sure that everything is running smoothly and that our customers receive their labels in time.

Laila has a broad range of tasks and responsibilities, among others receiving orders calculating the prices for our customers, planning of production and ordering raw materials for the production.

She started her career at Scanvaegt in 1998 – first in an administrative role, but gradually taking on more and more production jobs. She made the full transition to the job production manager 17 years ago, in 2004, and has not regretted her choice since. “No two days are alike, and that is something that really makes the job versatile and enjoyable,” Laila says.

She enjoys the freedom with responsibility that she is given in Scanvaegt. As she explains; “I really prefer not having a boss breathing down my neck, and checking-up on my work. Everyone at Scanvaegt trust each other, knowing that we all do our very best”.

Most of the labels in Denmark goes to the retail sector, whereas in other countries it is mostly customers the food industry that use the many millions of labels that we produce every year. Laila enjoys that so many consumers contact her, because it can alter the day with just a single email. She explains; “Some days, when we get in and go through new orders, there may be one single order which makes us change the whole layout and planning of the workday. But that’s quite okay with me – I like the challenge and enjoy providing our customers with the right labels for profiling their products the best way”.

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Mette Kretzmann

Whenever customers and service technicians need spare parts from Scanvaegt, they just have to contact Mette Kretzmann – she’s the “go-to girl” and will ship the spare parts right away.

Mette is our order processor, operating the spare parts centre in Aarhus, Denmark, along with her colleagues. When receiving orders from technicians or customers, she makes sure that they receive the sparep arts directly from our warehouse asap. People contact her from all over the world, including the five “Scanvaegt countries”; Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Denmark.

Mette has a wide area of responsibility - from replying requests to picking orders and getting them shipped; “I enjoy that no days at Scanvaegt are alike,” she says.

Mette has been a part of the Scanvaegt Team for close to 10 years. First she had a short stint in the 90’s from 1995 to 1997, before she rejoined Scanvaegt in 2014 and has been with us since. Especially the colleagues made Mette want to return. “When I rejoined in 2014, I came back to a bunch of good colleagues whom I had been missing to work alongside since the 90’s,” Mette explains.

Mette takes pride in providing the best service for all; “The perfect day at Scanvaegt for me is when I can help the customers and my service colleagues by delivering the spare parts they need to make critical repairs, so that they can keep the important production equipment up-and-running,” she says.

With 10 years of Scanvaegt history behind her, Mette is not in doubt, when asked why Scanvaegt is a great place to work; “I have some of the best colleagues in the world. The tone of the workplace is light, and I can always ask for help whenever I need it, and I get every time. That – together with varying workdays - makes the job perfect!”

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Jesper Lindholt Bach

Jesper Lindholt Bach is our group IT-manager in Denmark. Although being located in Denmark, Jesper has contact on a daily basis with colleagues in all of the “Scanvaegt countries”.

Jesper has been a part of Scanvaegt for about five and half years, where he started as IT-manager. He has since moved up as group IT-manager with a wider area of responsibility.

As group IT-manager Jesper oversees an array of different tasks and projects – big and small - he especially enjoys those days where he gets to help his colleagues with their daily IT struggles.

With the title of group IT-manager Jesper also is spearheading a load of projects concerning IT.

“I really enjoy the days where I get to talk to many different colleagues; I like to help one-to-one, but also being a part of a large project - especially those that involves our companies in different countries, so I can enlist help from e.g. Norway, Sweden and Denmark,” Jesper says.

Jesper has enjoyed working in Scanvaegt and expects to do so moving forward. “The company is family-owned, and that entails a special corporate spirits with strong commitment from all team mates. It has also generated the flat organizational structure, which we have here in Scanvaegt - I usually use the term “grown-ups working together”,” Jesper says with a smile.

Thomas Mikkelsen

Thomas is a service engineer for industrial companies in the southern region of Denmark. He has been with Scanvaegt for 33 years and started working as a technician for both the retail sector and industrial areas. Thomas helps all Scanvaegt's industrial customers with problems, large and small.

Thomas' work tasks include performing preventive maintenance on customers' production facilities so that they avoid downtime, which can be very expensive. In addition, he handles emergency repairs and ensures that the customer's production quickly gets back into operation. He is also responsible for training the operators' in the use of Scanvaegt equipment, so that they get the optimal benefits from the machines.

Thomas enjoys when he is extra busy at work and he has got a lot of tasks to manage. "I like when there is a little urgency and when there is a little stress. But when you have been here for 33 years, you do not stress so much anymore, ”says Thomas.

“It is a calling to be a service engineer. Either you can cope or you can't, ”says Thomas. He says that the most important thing for him is the customer contact. When having completed a job at a customer, the most important thing for him is that the customers are happy and satisfied with the machine they have bought.

The best thing about working for Scanvaegt is the alternating workdays, says Thomas. "We never know what tomorrow will bring. A workday can be changed in three seconds - I have tried several times that I suddenly had to be ready at the airport to help a customer an urgent technical problem, ”he says.

Lars Dahl Sørensen

Lars has the last 31 years been a part of Scanvaegt Systems. He started his career as technical support, and from there went to the place he is today; Project manager for industry solutions.

Lars is the man who, in cooperation with his coworkers, comes up with and gets all the new solutions to work absolutely perfect.

Lars says about his work: “Not one single day is alike. Agreements, assessments and decisions are made internally as well as externally. After those have been made, we decide the time schedule along with the customer. Doing this we know for a fact that we will deliver on time, and that everything is working properly once it’s installed.”

The most important thing for Lars, is that the customers won’t have to compromise their wishes and that Scanvaegt can deliver on their wishes for products.

There is a lot of good days at Scanvaegt for Lars. “Every day the last 31 years has been a good day,” he says with a smile. Lars enjoys that he isn’t always sure what the day brings. Even though he has a plan for the day, he knows it won’t be exactly what he is doing, because new projects and unexpected tasks always comes along.

Geirr Franang

Geirr is our Norwegian specialist when it comes to weighbridges and wheel loader scales.

Geirr has been a Scanvaegt Systems employee since 2017 and takes care of several areas of business in Norway.

The list of his expertise is quite extensive but bear with us: Geirr works closely together with his customers to design and provide heavy-duty solutions for weighing, registering, data-collection and control for customers within environment, recycling, stone, granite chips, gravel, asphalt, entrepreneurs, energy and raw materials.
The solutions are complete solutions which also incorporate  related oftware solutions .

His main objective is to ease the workload while at the same time increase profit margins for his customers, that are situated in  the areas from Vestfold, following the coast to Bergen where he shares Trøndelag, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

Geirr cares deeply about satisfying customers, and the best days at the Norwegian Scanvaegt office is when he gets to do exactly that. “I enjoy having daily contact with customers and having the possibility to provide  solutions and services that optimizes their work processes and helps them achiving their business goals .”

In addition to enjoying  the cooperation with his customers,  Geirr has a passion for the software solutions Scanvaegt Systems offer customers. “I take great interest in contributing to the development of IT-systems and the software applications, which are designed specifically to handle jobs in the individual industries.”

Geirrs favorite thing about wearing the Scanvaegt Systems badge is the diversity he is offered. “Scanvaegt Systems is a very versatile company. I meet a varied amount of challenges within a long list of different industries when I’m working.”

Brian Dahl

Brian has the function as an Application Specialist in the development department where his task, among other things, is to set up requirement specifications on new products in cooperation with the sales and development departments, conduct quality control and testing, verify that hardware and software are compatible as well as support sales and development. Brian is also responsible for support for Scanvaegt’s own developed automatic weighing products.

Brian began his career at Scanvaegt Systems in 2002 as a mobile service technician, attached to the Holstebro division.  After ten years, he moved to the Support department at the head office where, for a number of years as Support Manager, he has provided support to many customers in Denmark and in Scanvaegt’s subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Poland. He is constantly surprised about how different the markets are even though, geographically, they are very close to each other. For example, in Sweden the food process production is far more automated compared to the rest of the Scandinavian countries.

It requires flexibility and willingness to adapt to hold a position like Brian’s. But he thrives being in a work situation where no two days are the same and where he never quite knows what the day will bring.

Brian is motivated to a great extent by solving technical challenges for the customer - even though it sometimes can mean long work days. He explains: “We supporters are very aware that for the customer, every minute of downtime is equal to extra costs. Therefore, it is extremely satisfying to solve problems quickly which also perhaps helps the customer to optimise a work process. The customer contact itself is also rewarding and the sense of community you create when you work together to solve technical challenges. So your work is not just about machines - but just as much about human relations that make a difference”

Brian thinks it is exciting with the new development he constantly experiences with the customers, who take steps to automate processes all the time. It is the knowledge of these tendencies that Brian, in his job as Application Specialist, contributes when requirement specifications for new products are set up.

About his job at Scanvaegt, Brian says: “It is great to work in a company where there are good opportunities for personal development. As long as you grab the opportunities that come your way - then there is willingness in the organisation to give the employees new areas of responsibility”.

Mikael Færch Thomsen

Mikael is Team Lead in the SW department that develops ScanX.NET software, which is a modern, intuitive and scalable IT system for the registration and administration of data from weighbridges. Mikael’s job is split into two areas. There is the actual Team Lead function of leading a team of SW developers and choosing which tasks need to be prioritised. This also involves participating in product development meetings with Sales where the Product Road Map for the coming year is determined. The development of ScanX.NET is extremely market-driven, where input from sales consultants, technicians and customers is of great importance in defining the future road map. It is also Mikael’s responsibility that error corrections to and requirements for improvements are implemented, which is managed through Jira.

The second part of Mikael’s job is actual coding. Mikael says: “I simply love coding - it is a huge motivation factor for me; to be able to create things and to make them work. To write code has been a permanent part of my life for the past 30 years”. Therefore, it is important for Mikael to also retain that part of the job - and fortunately, there is plenty of opportunity for that.
Mikael enjoys having both aspects of software development as a part of his job. He says: “It is exciting to get a slightly larger picture of the market and greater insight into a customer’s production and also be a part of the decision on which direction the software development should take".

Mikael’s day starts most often with a brief breakfast meeting with the department where progress in the various products is followed up on, responsibility is allocated and if Mikael has new knowledge from the customers and the market, this will be shared with the department. Mikael states: “It is a super way to start the day and it works well that all of us in the department are harmonised on the status of the tasks”.