Labels of the highest quality

We have years of experience with both labels and labelling equipment. Therefore, we know what requirements the label must meet to function optimally - both visually and technically. You will be ensured that your label is of the best quality.

A truly great price

You get labels at very competitive prices. And if you already have Scanvaegt labelling equipment in your service agreement, we can also offer you an extra discount on a delivery agreement. You save money.

Fewer - or no - downtimes

With in-depth knowledge of labelling equipment, we can produce labels that run smoothly and reduce wear. You avoid expensive downtime.

Lower maintenance costs

When the label has the right quality and surface treatment the wear on the thermal head of the labelling equipment is reduced. Consequently, it will have a longer service life and will not need to be replaced as frequently. You reduce maintenance costs.

Labels on time

You can make an annual agreement on regular deliveries of labels at specific times during the year - when you need labels. You get fast, just-in-time deliveries.

All label types from the same provider

We have a comprehensive production and can supply multi-coloured sale labels, Linerless labels and neutral white labels for carton or pallet labelling. You get all your labels from one provider.

Private label printing works

Scanvaegt Labels is a versatile label printing works with advanced machinery and quality-conscious employees with extensive experience in producing all kinds of labels.

We print up to eight colours at a time, including cold foil, silver/gold print, and we can provide multi-coloured adhesive labels, Linerless labels, labels for thermal and thermal transfer printing, labels with adhesive-side print, bottle labels, RFID labels, tickets, and neutral/white labels.