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A cookie is the term used for when a user’s behaviour on a network is registered with the actual user (on the user’s hard disk). In this way, the server (e.g. a website) knows who the user is when the website is visited again.
Cookies are not a threat to your computer/smartphone/tablet (like a virus, for example) and cookies do not have access to programmes on your computer.
You always have the option to delete cookies from your computer. You can read here how you delete or block cookies
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Use of cookies

Only Scanvaegt Systems can make use of the information. A third party (technical partner) has access to information to the necessary extent in order to operate the service. We have entered into data processing agreements with a third party, which is our guarantee that they comply with applicable regulations on the protection of your personal information.

We use cookies to:

  • Improve the website and ensure full utilisation of the website’s services
  • Recognise users time after time
  • Measure traffic and statistics on

Unit and log information

We gather unit-specific information, such as operative system, whether you visit us from a computer or a mobile unit and we log your IP address and your search enquiries

Personal data

If you require more information about our handling of personal data, we recommend that you read our personal data policy.