The M1-F Flow Scale represents the best equipment for flow weighing.
Scanvaegt M1-F Flow Scale is very userfriendly to operate and has a capacity of 100 ton/hour

Scanvaegt M1-F Flow Scale

Precise and reliable flow-weighing

Precise, reliable and time-saving

The M1-F Flow Scale represents the best equipment for flow weighing. This system is capable of weighing a flow of products, e.g. pelagic fish or ice, accurately over a certain period of time. This eliminates the need for collecting raw material in trays or tubs for weighing and gives a continuous raw material throughput.

The flow of raw material is continuously weighed with the conveyor belt running and the weighing results are summed-up to a total. The flow scale is very precise and delivers an weighing accuracy of 1% of the total, depending on the product.

The M1-F100, which is very userfriendly to operate, has a capacity of 100 ton/hour and is available in versions for weighing on shore or at sea (optional). The system has an open design which is easy to clean.

The weighing systems are developed to be used in the most severe marine environment – the sturdy design and weighing technology with IP68 protected load cells ensures accurate and fast weighing.

Inteligentne funkcje

  • 1% weighing precision
  • IP68-protected load cell
  • Protected against mechanical overload
  • Sturdy design stainless steel AISI 304
  • IP67 stainless steel selection keyboard
  • User-friendly operations

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Scanvaegt M1-F Flow Scale

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