The BJ165 is a compact analytical scale for weighing job.

Precisa 165 BJ Precision scale

Compact precision scale

The BJ165 is a compact analytical scale for weighing job, that include counting, percentage calculation, summation and statistics.

The BJ165 has many programming possibilities and is easily operated by means of 5 function keys and an easy-understandable menu-guide in the display.

The clearly structured menu guide on the large display makes it easy to change settings and allows operational choices and weighing processes to be carried out simply.

The scale has a clear LCD-display and be equipped with yet another display. There is an electronic anti-theft device.

Inteligentne funkcje

  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • Large liquid crystal display with backlight
  • Small enough to travel - large enough to serve for 'real work'
  • Bi-directional Interface RS232
  • Practical, user friendly and low budget
  • Real time clock (date and time)

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Precisa 165 BJ


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