AlRitma Print & Apply

Labelling on top, side and/or bottom of the product

AlRitma is a high-perfomance label applicator for integration in packing lines, where you set high demands for speed, precision and reliability.

The applicator has a solid design, which – combined with the efficient step motor – can place the label extremely precisely, even at very high speeds. This provides you with the maximum degree of reliability.

The AlRitma applicators can be combined to form a large labelling system with several applicators for horizontal as well as vertical label application.

Lesen Sie mehr über automatische Etikettierung automatisches Etikettieren von Boxen oder unser etikettiersysteme im Allgemeinen.

Smart features

  • Set-up of pre-dispensing in 1/10 mm
  • Speed adjustment by 0.1 m/min
  • Max. label width: 200 mm
  • Dispensing delay in mm
  • Memory for various label formats
  • Automatical recovery of missing label on roll

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AlRitma Print & Apply


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