Marelec Portio 1A & 3A is suited for fresh products such as chicken, fish and meat.
Marelec Portio 1A & 3A is following the product type, different product fixation systems are possible.
Precise cutting of whole round fish
Angled portion cutting of chicken filets

Marelec Portio 1A & 3A

Slicing at an angle, giving the sliced portions a natural look

The Marelec Portio 1A and Portio 3A is suited for fresh products such as chicken, fish and meat. Following the product type, different product fixation systems are possible. Different knife types, suited to the product, can be used.

A product is fed on the infeed belt. A three dimensional laser scanner then calculates its volume. A preset weight and shape frame is selected from the program menu. The portion computer then calculates where to cut.

The main difference between the PORTIO 1A and PORTIO 3A are the number of cameras. The PORTIO 1A has one camera and is suited for flat products, whereas the PORTIO 3A has three cameras and is able to properly scan rounded products.

Designed to give a natural look on sliced portions, yet keeping the accuracy, the PORTIO 1A and PORTIO 3A allow the operator to change the cutting angle from 0° to 30° or 45° fast and easy, without the use of tools. Slicing under angle can be done at the same speeds as the standard PORTIO.

An catch weigher can optimise the precision with changing product characteristics.

The machine can be completely opened for easy cleaning. The belts can be taken out for separate cleaning.

For maintenance, easy obtainable spare parts have been selected. This guarantees lowest possible maintenance costs. All motors and encoders are situated away from the wet area, which ensures a long lasting lifetime.


  • Product dimensions:
    - PORTIO 1A: 1000 x 240 x 150 mm
    - PORTIO 3A: 800 x 240 x 150 mm
  • Belt width: 254 mm
  • Belt speed: adjustable up to 45 cm/s
  • Cutting rate: up to 17.5 cuts/s
  • Construction: stainless steel AISI 304 and FDA approved food plastics
  • Conveyor belt: modular type
  • Selections keyboard: IP67 with integrated electronics
  • Indicator: UTP TCP/IP-connection
  • Power supply: 3 x 380 V + N / 50-60 Hz / 5 kW
  • Air supply: 6 bar (APH)
  • Cleaning: designed for optimal cleaning to meet extreme hygienic standards (CIP integrated)
  • Software: MARELEC P1 standard optimisation software
  • Connectivity: internet direct connection for remote flexible servicing



  • PORTIO 3A: three-camera system for highest accuracy with round objects 360° view
  • CW2: manual infeed check weigher
  • MC3: grader for fixed weight packages
  • APH: Automatic Product Holder
  • OPH: Outfeed Product Holder
  • RO: Retractable Outfeed
  • High Speed Cutting: up to 25 cuts/sec
  • Auto clean: two electro valves for separate cleaning of belts
  • Multitap transformer / Power supply (UL approved)
  • MARELEC C-PORTIO software: to generate production reports and trace program changes
  • Knife sharpening device

Intelligente Funktionen

  • High speed cutting: Fixed weight, fixed thickness
  • Outstanding yield: high precision, minimal give-away
  • PORTIO 1A: 1 camera for a perfect scan of flat products
  • PORTIO 3A: 3 cameras for a perfect scan of round products
  • Fast & easy change of the cutting angle from 0° to 30° or 45°
  • Flexible software
  • Easy to clean
  • Labor saving options



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Marelec Portio 1A & 3A


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