Marelec Compact Grader

Versatile grading & batching of fish, poultry and meat

The perfect solution for grading to precise portions

The Compact Grader sets the new standard for small versatile grading systems.

The grader is the perfect solution for grading to size and number – at high accuracy, high speed and high reliability. The grader handles vulnerable and small products, e.g. fish fillets (fresh or frozen), frozen lobstertails, oysters, lamb shank, ribs, chicken/turkey fillets and whole chicken/turkey.

It’s an easy to use, simple and robust solution, using pull arms and being available with 6 or 8 stations, combined left and right. And it’s truly compact, integrating both infeed, weighing and grading on one belt and one frame - all of this with the same precision as the classic graders.

 This patented solution leads the way in the field through various batching options and other outfeed options from 2 to 8 stations combined left/right and in line.

The Compact Grader delivers various advantages, e.g. high accuracy, high weighing and grading speed, a reliable, compact construction together with several output possibilities. The system is userfriendly and very easy to clean, ensuring high hygienic standards.

Intelligente Funktionen

  • High accuracy
  • Gentle product handling
  • High-speed weighing & grading
  • Robust, compact, watertight design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Small footprint

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Marelec Compact Grader


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