ScanCut Serie 3 Portion Cutter (3-300 / 3-350 / 3-400)

High Quality Meat Cutting

Optimising meat portioning – increasing yield

The ScanCut 3-Series represents the perfect solution for cutting the large pieces of meat into high-value portions. Based on 3D laser scanning, the ScanCut produces accurate portion sizes with minimum give-away, thereby creating higher yield.

The ScanCut 3-Series portion cutters are suited for extra large pieces of meat that exceed the width of 240 mm. This portion cutter range comprises 3 models with belt width of 300 mm, 350 mm or 400 mm respectively.

The ScanCut 3-Series are all equipped with 3 cameras, featuring a robust execution to make perpendicular cuts with ease. The infeed consists of two separate infeed conveyors to reduce the impact of placing a heavier piece of meat while still scanning the previous piece. The belt support is made stiffer, which ensures stable operations.

The ScanCut 3-400 mm version has even a doubled power servo motor to drive the knife through the toughest pieces of meat.

Following the product type, different product fixation systems are possible. Different knife types, suited to the product, can be used.

A product is fed on the infeed belt. A three dimensional laser scanner then calculates its volume. A preset weight and shape frame is selected from the program menu. The portion computer then calculates where to cut.

A catch weigher can optimise the precision with changing product characteristics.

The machine can be opened up completely for easy cleaning and is designed for optimal cleaning to meet extreme hygienic standards (CIP integrated). The belts can be removed for separate cleaning.

For maintenance, easily obtainable spare parts have been selected. This guarantees the lowest possible maintenance costs. All motors and encoders are situated away from the wet area, which ensures a long lasting lifetime.


  Applications Product type Belt width Max.
LxWxH mm
cutting rate. Cuts/sec
SCANCUT 3-300 Meat/poultry Large meat primals 305 800 x 290 x 150 14
SCANCUT 3-350 Meat Extra wide meat primals 356 800 x 340 x 150 12
SCANCUT 3-400 Meat Giant meat primals 406 800 x 380 x 180 13

Intelligente Funktionen

  • High speed cutting
  • Outstanding yield
  • Perfect 3D-scans of round products
  • Portioning large products
  • Flexible software
  • Easy to clean
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ScanCut Series 3 Portion Cutter (3-300 / 3-350 / 3-400)

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