Marelec Marine Grader

Precise Grading On-Board

The reliable, userfriendly solution for grading on-board

Adding value at the very start of the processing line, the Scanvaegt on-board graders is the perfect solution for grading precise portions of seafood on-board your vessel.

The Marelec on-board graders have an active motion compensation which always gives accurate readings even at the roughest seas. As available space on a fishing vessel is always limited, we offer tailor made designs that suits the wishes of the customer.

The marine grader is the perfect solution for grading precise portions of fresh seafood as well as frozen seafood. The system is capable of weighing up to 120 pieces/minute and has a weighing range of 0-25 kg.

Strong features

The marine grader uses a Pocket System, where each fish is individually placed into a V-shaped pocket. This guarantees a constant speed and allows to separate species or to grade according to quality. The pockets can also be equipped with weighing cells.

To weigh and grade accurately on board of a fishing vessel, on-board graders are equipped with active Motion Compensation which allows accurate readings independent from the motion of the ship.

When multiple species are caught on board, the special Species Selection System makes it possible to separate the fish species before grading. This is done using pockets or on the screen on the scale.

Intelligente Funktionen

  • High accuracy
  • Improved Quality
  • Fast weighing and grading
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to use, maintain and clean
  • Completely watertight

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Marelec Marine Grader


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