Scanvaegt Portion cutters - Unmatched, intelligent portioning

The Scanvaegt portion cutters are the intelligent, high-speed solution for cutting fish, poultry and meat into precise, fixed weight portions with a precision that will reduce give-away to a minimum and thereby increase your profits.

The Scanvaegt represents a complete range of intelligent portion cutters, which have been designed with a customer centric focus and are based on decades of expertise in the food processing industry.

All Scanvaegt portion cutters are characterised by several unique features, among others robustness, high-speed precision and custom design, providing you with a reliable, long-life solution which optimises yield and productivity, and thereby increases your profits.

Our wide range of models and applications allows us to offer you the portion cutter most suited for your needs and products, whether you’re working in the fish, meat or poultry processing industry.