ScanX.NET is the optimal system for the effective control and administration of data registrations from weighbridge systems

ScanX.NET is a modern, intuitive and scalable IT system for registering and managing data from weighbridges and other heavy-duty industrial scales within the environmental sector, construction industry, the recycling industry, raw materials industry, agriculture and many others.

Handles a wide range of tasks

The system can manage data in real-time from one or more scales simultaneously and can handle a variety of tasks, including weight registration, reporting, payment, traffic control, identification, billing and many other tasks.

ScanX.Net can also control multiple production or treatment plants with different geographical locations and categorises the data from the different plants in the same database.

Versatile, modular system

The modular system design of ScanX.NET offers great flexibility and ensures optimal adaptation to the individual solution. The system can easily be expanded with both standard modules and customised modules when the company and the solution grows or changes. By default, ScanX.NET modules include waste registration, reporting, payment, traffic control, identification, billing calculation and many others.

User-friendly registration

Communication and registration between ScanX.NET and weighing terminals at the site is done safely and efficiently. The VT terminal's powerful processor and the clear, easily readable screen with precise pressure transfer on the screen buttons make it easy and quick to carry out the registrations.