ScanX.NET Delivery Inspection

Fast delivery inspection using a tablet or smartphone

With the ScanX.NET Delivery Inspection module, the weighing personnel can easily and quickly conduct an inspection of waste for landfills as well as any reclassification. By using a smartphone or tablet, they can perform mandatory acceptance testing when weighing-in waste fractions as well as register deviations from the declared waste fractions with photo documentation.

The points that need inspection and possible re-registration are displayed on the mobile unit. The points on the check list can be adjusted to the needs and requirements of the individual landfill. Photos can also be taken which are attached to the registration.

Once all registrations have been made, reports, receipts, and similar can be generated in ScanX.NET, which can be sent via email or printed directly on a printer.

Smart features

  • Correct inspection when accepting waste for disposal
  • Meets requirements from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Reclassifies doubtful waste loads
  • Documentation for waste percentage/carrier/municipality

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