ScanX.NET Energy Calculation Woodchip

Calculation of water percentage and energy capacity of wood chips

The ScanX.Net-Energy-module calculates water percentage and energy capacity of wood chips for the district heating stations, for the purpose of settling the accounts with their suppliers.

When weighing-in the entire vehicle, a sample of the wood chips is taken - this sample is weighed on a laboratory scale and the weight is registered in ScanX.Net together with the total delivery. The sample is now placed in a warming drawer, later it's weighed again and the net is calculated. Net in this case is the quantity of water, that has evaporated from the sample.

Now ScanX.Net-Energy calculates water percentage, energy capacity and price for settling the accounts for the supply of wood chips.

ScanX.Net-Energy is a module in the ScanX.Net-package, which is a modular, scaleable it-system for handling and administration of weighings on weighbridges, including waste registrations, reporting to authorities, payment, invoicing, automatical identification, access control and many other jobs