Scanvaegt 5700 Weighbridge is a removable and transportable weighbridge.
Scanvaegt 5700 Weighbridge is designed to withstand the harsh conditions.
Scanvaegt 5700 Weighbridge is easy to re-locate, but it’s also very sturdy.

Scanvaegt 5700 Weighbridge

Sturdy, transportable weighing solution

Weighbridge type 5700 is a removable and transportable weighbridge – it’s easy to re-locate, but it’s also very sturdy, designed to withstand the harsh conditions, which often prevails in the outdoors environments, where the weighings are carried out.

The weighbridge is designed for companies, that wish to be able to move the weighbridge from one location to another to carry-out weighing jobs there. The removal can be handle in an easy and simple manner – with just one single lift – with no requierement for re-calibration of the weighbridge.

Weighbridge 5700 is available in lengths of 12, 18 or 24 m.

Simple installation  

Weighbridge type 5700 can be mounted on-site or be delivered pre-assembled, where just the drive-way ramps are to be mounted on-site.

Once the weighbridge has been installed, it’s quite easy to remove it as one single unit – just the drive-way ramps have to be dismounted – making this weighbridge solution very flexible og cost-efficient.

The weighbridge may be supplied with EU-verification from works. Alternatively the verification may take place on-site, after mounting.

Sturdy construction 

Weighbridge type 5700 has a solid, sturdy steel construction, based on the identical technique and components as Scanvaegt’s stationary weighbridges. The weighbridge is designed specifically with the purpose of being removable – without compromising neither quality nor reliability.

Smart Features

  • Solid steel construction
  • Removable with just one single lift
  • Available with verification from works
  • Length of 12, 18 or 24 m


  • Weighing capacity Up to 60t/20 kg
  • Dimensions - modules L x W: 6 x 3 m
  • Protection degree IP68

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Scanvaegt 5700


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