ScanX.NET Weighbridge Management IT-system

The versatile system for all jobs

ScanX.Net is a modular, scaleable it-system for management and administration of registrations on weighbridges - it handles e.g. waste registrations, reporting, payment, traffic control, identification, invoicing and numerous other jobs.

The new ScanX.Net version provides the user with very strong applications - owing to the .Net framework - and a software package, designed to operate future hardware, adapted to the .Net-version.

Logically designed archives 

ScanX.Net is based on a series of master archives, located in one or more SQL-tables, where all data is stored.

The archives are designed in a logical way, making it easy to find the required data via quick and easy-accessible search options.

Facility-management: Smooth data exchange 

With the function ”Facility-management” you can manage more production- or processing plants in the same system.

Each facility represents a unit, e.g. a company, a factory, production location or the like. In Facility-management you can split and handle data from several facilities in one database.

Smart features

  • A future-orientated system: all parts are based on the latest Windows
  • .NET technology - fits future Microsoft technologies
  • Simple report design with Microsoft Reporting Tools
  • Several communication options: wired, wireless and internet communication
  • Scaleable screen display - adapts dynamically to screen and menus
  • Long-life software – seamless implementation of new, future modules

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ScanX.NET Weighbridge Management System


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