ScanX.NET E-mail IT-system

Automatic e-mailing the weighing slip

ScanX.Net e-mail is a plug-in module for ScanX.Net, making it possible to automatically send the weight slip by e-mail to the customer.

When a second weighing is registered in ScanX.Net, the ScanX.Net e-mail automatically sends an e-mail with a pdf of the weighing slip to the registered e-mail address. The driver can naturally also have a printed weight slip as he normally would have, so he can check the weight and have documentation of the load.

Using ScanX.Net e-mail eliminates the risk of loosing weight slips - you will always have an electronical back-up. In real life the printed weight slip for the individual driver will actually be unncessary as the information is available electronically.

ScanX.Net e-mail is a module in the ScanX.Net-package, which is a modular, scaleable it-system for handling and administration of weighings on weighbridges, including waste registrations, reporting to authorities, payment, invoicing, automatical identification, access control and many other jobs.


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ScanX.NET e-mail


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