ScanX.NET ScanMobile

Full mobility and fast workflow

ScanMobile is a new cloud-based module that simplifies data entry when weighing all types of materials. Data entry is done quickly and easily on a smartphone and tablet, saving you a lot of time and giving you considerable freedom and flexibility.

ScanMobile is an effective tool for the on-site operator for setting up, entering and editing data on a smartphone and tablet. The software module runs on Scanvaegt's cloud system – ScanPortal – giving you direct access to data in the ScanX.NET system, wherever you are.

The module supports both single weighing and double weighing. ScanPortal is used to connect ScanMobile to a weighbridge, allowing you to transfer weighing results directly from the weighbridge onto the system. ScanMobile also checks whether the weighbridge is steady – thereby ensuring that imprecise weighing results are avoided.

Full mobility for staff

Since ScanMobile runs on a smartphone and tablet, the system can be used anywhere. All data is stored the ScanX.NET system. This makes ScanMobile a 100% mobile solution, allowing workers complete freedom and flexibility.

Total management and effective workflow

ScanMobile is a complete system with simple functions, allowing operators to carry out all tasks, including:

  • Setting up a new entry
  • Editing an unfinished entry – e.g., changing item number
  • Transferring weighing results from a connected weighbridge
  • Manual entering of weighing results
  • Setting up temporary tare/empty weight – automatically reset once a day
  • Completing the data entry
  • Printing the weighing slip on a connected printer

Direct access to ScanX.NET Delivery Inspection

ScanMobile has a shortcut key for the Delivery Inspection module, which is used for mandatory acceptance testing with inspection of loads. This means that the ScanMobile operator can see completed data entries in Delivery Inspection and enter any deviations and reclassifications – quickly and efficiently.


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ScanX.NET ScanMobile