Precisa 360EP is a userfriendly and compact analytical scale

Precisa 360 EP Analytical scale

High precision analytical scale

Precisa 360EP is a userfriendly and compact analytical scale, which is based on the latest technology within high-precision weighing.

The scale is very versatile and can solve jobs like grouping and statistical analysis, density-determination, pipette calibration and evaporation trap.

It can be equipped with windshield with automatical doors, which open when passing a hand one of the photo sensors on the shield.

The 360EP shows the weight result extremely quickly and has a high resolution.

It's easy to program, can store many user-specific set-ups and has other strong features.

Smart features

  • Clear, easy-to-read fluorescent display or LCD
  • Function for weighing unstable substances
  • Recall of the 50 most recent calibration values
  • Conversion program (from m2 to gram)
  • Memory for individual user configurations (MUM - Multi-User Memory)
  • Functional shield

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Precisa 360 EP


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