Fast and easy weighing-in and weighing-out is simple and user-friendly and ensures that the weighing occurs fast and flawlessly.

Complete weighing solution

Fast and easy weighing-in and weighing-out

Scanvaegt delivers complete weighing solutions for weighing-in and weighing-out of grain, fertilizer or live animals.

The solution is simple and user-friendly and ensures that the weighing occurs fast and flawlessly.

The system has three categories for vehicles, products and customers/mark, respectively. ID numbers for vehicles and customers are created in the records as well as item numbers for the materials that need to be weighed.

When the vehicle is stationary on the weighbridge, the driver must identify himself and disclose item number. He can identify himself by way of either a touch-free RFID card or by selecting his ID number on the weighing terminal’s pre-selected keys. Here, he can also register which items he is transporting. The operation is simple and is performed quickly with just pressing a few keys.

Fast, flawless registration

When using the RFID card, the card just needs to be held in front of the card reader, which quickly registers the identification. This prevents incorrect entries as everything takes place automatically. The RFID card can also contain item numbers, so they do not need to be entered manually either.
If an actual net weighing needs to be performed, then this normally requires weighing the vehicle twice, i.e. fully loaded and empty or empty and fully loaded. The net weight is then calculated by deducting the empty weight from the fully loaded weight.
With the Scanvaegt solution, you can however register the vehicle’s empty weight in the database so you only need to weight the vehicle with a full load - that is, just one weighing. This weighing method simplifies the process and saves working time.

Simple data management

The registered data can either be saved on a USB or it can be transferred online to a PC where you can go into the SQL database and generate reports with, e.g. day totals and week totals with the weighing-in and weighing-out volumes.

The solution consists of:

Weighbridge type 6100 or 6200
Terminal type Systec
Printer for printing weighing slips/receipts
RFID Card reader
Remote large display
Touch-free RFID card



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