ScanX.NET Wireless re-classification IT-system

Wireless re-classification by PDA

The ScanX.Net-PDA module consists of software and a PDA (handheld computer), making it easy and quick to do a wireless re-classification of vehicles, that are already weighed-in.

With the camera, integrated in the PDA, the operator can take a photo and attach it to the weighing transaction in ScanX.Net.

The operator has at all times an overview of all the weighed-in vehicles in his PDA and can at any time see, which products the individual vehicle has selected at weighing-in.

Wireless re-classification is a module in the ScanX.Net-package, which is a modular, scaleable it-system for handling and administration of weighings on weighbridges, including waste registrations, reporting to authorities, payment, invoicing, automatical identification, access control and many other jobs.