ScanX ScanLoader

Efficient registration on tablet and smartphone

ScanLoader is the smart cloud-based system for efficient, on-site registration of data from weighing processes and customer information on tablet or smartphone.

The ScanX.NET ScanLoader module has been developed specifically for easy, efficient registration in gravel pits and the raw material extraction industry. The operator in the wheel loader makes all registrations quickly on a tablet or smartphone, while working on site.

Simple, quick work process

At the terminal or weighbridge, the driver registers the lorry with vehicle no./ID, item no. and the desired quantity. The driver is then given driving instructions and can drive directly to the wheel loader at the loading site.

Meanwhile, the registered data is transferred to the ScanLoader module on the operator’s tablet, in the wheel loader. Here he can see the quantity of material intended for the lorry. Once the lorry has been loaded, the operator enters the weight and completes registration. When leaving the site, the lorry is weighed once more on the weighbridge and the weighing data is transferred to ScanX.NET and linked to the registration.

Alternatively, the lorry can drive directly to the wheel loader at the loading site without registering at the terminal/weighbridge. In this case, the operator in the wheel loader registers the lorry on the tablet. He then loads the lorry, registers the weight for the customer and completes the registration. The weighing data is then transferred to ScanX.NET.

Highly efficient system

On his tablet/smartphone the operator can handle several tasks, including:

  • entering the weight of the material or marking the load in the respective registrations
  • registering a lorry, if it has driven in without registering at the terminal/weighbridge
  • adjusting data in an already existing registration
  • getting an overview of the registered vehicles, that are already inside the loading site.

Cloud-based solution

The module runs on Scanvaegt’s cloud-based platform – ScanPortal – which is integrated with ScanX.NET and exchanges data between tablet/smartphone and the database.

Several advantages

Using the ScanLoader module saves significant time when registering and weighing. Data registration is quick, the traffic flow in and out of the site is easier, and the loading registration at the wheel loader is conducted efficiently on the tablet.

The fact that data registration is digital and quickly available on the operator’s tablet via the ScanPortal cloud also cuts out the need for ‘walking traffic’ to and from the wheel loader. This improves on-site safety and optimeses the utilisation of the wheel loader.

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ScanX.NET ScanLoader