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Scanvaegt 7800

Scanvaegt 7800 Weighbridge

The sturdy concrete truck scale that is installed in just one day

Weighbridge type 7800 is a sturdy weighbridge for legal-for-trade load determination of transport vehicles, incoming/outgoing goods-weighing in industrial facilities and shipping companies or convenient material flow management system in disposal and recycling facilities.

The 7800 weighbridge is delivered as a package, containing pre-fabricated elements and can normally be installed in less that a day. The load cells are already fitted in the weighbridge, which therefore can be placed quickly in the foundation bed, saving a lot of time. It only takes a few hours to finish installation and excavating the ground and then the scale is up and running. 
The load cells are protected against lightning.

The 7800 weighbridge has standard weighing capacity of 60 tons, but is also available with weighing capacities of 80 t and 100 t. The division is 20 kg or 10/20 kg. The weighbridge is available in lengths ranging from 8 to 40 m - standard width is 3 m or 3.5 m.

The weighbridge can obtain legal-for-trade verification, complying with EU-directive EN45501 (OIML R 76-1).

Fast installation 

The space-saving construction requires an installation depth of only 89 cm. There is easy access to the scale pit through inspection hatches in the bridge deck for inspection of the drainage system or cleaning of the pit.

Supply of the weighbridge can take place in 3 ways:

  1. the strip foundations are cast in the site by the customer
  2. the strip foundations are supplied by Scanvaegt
  3. the strip foundations are integrated in the foundation - this provides a cheaper transportation and the required preparatory work on the site is a pit with surface, finished off with a levelled layer of sand.

Smart features

  • Built-in placement in pit
  • Pre-fabricated solution
  • Fast installation - just one day
  • Relocatable solution
  • Length up to 40 m
  • Cost-efficient investment

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Scanvaegt 7800


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