ScanDeklaration IT-system

Administration of materials in waste dumps

ScanDeklaration is the module for registration and traceability of materials, placed in waste dump sites.

This module incorporates a website for registration of waste dump declarations and an approval module for the case officer.

At the website information about the waste material is keyed-in in the declaration, which is sent to the waste dump site, where the case officer approves or refuses it. If approved, an e-mail/SMS is sent to the producer.

When the vehicle has been weighed, the carrier is registered in the declaration.

The operator must carry-out a visual inspection of the waste material upon arrival and deposal - this may be done manually or by video. The video images are attached to the registration with the weight- and declaration data. 
This facilitates the work and ensures traceability in the data-capture.

ScanDeklaration is a module in the ScanX.Net-package, which is a modular, scaleable it-system for handling and administration of weighings on weighbridges, including waste registrations, reporting to authorities, payment, invoicing, automatical identification, access control and many other jobs.


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